• Armenian lentil soup

    Armenian lentil soup

    Today we are preparing a hearty, warming and very tasty soup with an oriental flavor. There is Armenian soup «Vosnapur»‎ on the table. Mandatory ingredients are lentils, walnuts and dried fruits. It can be raisins, dried apricots, prunes. The rest of the components can be changed, it all depends on the specific region. So there…

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  • Fried meat pie

    Fried meat pie

    Fried meat pie or Belyash is perhaps one of the most popular types of meat pies. They are hearty, juicy, fragrant and incredibly delicious. Traditionally, they are formed in the form of open pies with a hole in the center. A prerequisite is an abundance of onions in the filling and not too thick meat layer,…

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