• Apple oatmeal pancakes

    Apple oatmeal pancakes

    Today we are cooking apple oatmeal pancakes in a pan without flour and eggs. It is perfect for those who adhere to a healthy diet, and such a dessert will not harm your waistline. The dish is very simple and quick to prepare, no more difficult than ordinary pancakes, so feel free to cook it…

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  • Raw buckwheat porridge

    Raw buckwheat porridge

    Green buckwheat is a product that is rapidly gaining popularity not only among those who monitor their diet. In fact, the difference between the usual groats and green is colossal. First, many do not know that groats are already roasted cereal, and green is, so to speak, buckwheat seeds. Consequently, the benefits of such unprocessed…

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  • Breakfast crepes with eggs

    Breakfast crepes with eggs

    A hearty and delicious dish made from just three main ingredients is exactly what you need for a full breakfast. Tender breakfast crepes with eggs lift your spirits and energize you from the morning.

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  • Cheese waffles

    Cheese waffles

    Cook waffles dough the night before, and in the morning please your family with fresh, warm pastries. Waffles can be baked without oil, made sweet or savory, with the addition of vegetables, nuts or seeds, fruits or berries. Today we are making cheese waffles in a waffle maker. They are delicious just like that, but…

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  • Cloud eggs

    Cloud eggs

    If you are tired of the usual scrambled eggs for breakfast, we suggest preparing a fluffy alternative – cloud eggs. The whole family will be delighted with such an original version of an egg breakfast. For the whites to beat perfectly, the eggs must be cold.

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  • Cheese flatbread

    Cheese flatbread

    If you need to quickly come up with something for breakfast, the recipe for cheese flatbreads will help. We prepare cheese flatbreads on kefir in a pan. They are delicious to serve with soup instead of bread, they are convenient to take with you for a snack.

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  • Sourdough Crepes

    Sourdough Crepes

    Until recently, our ideal were thin milk pancakes, but now the absolute favorite is sourdough crepes. They are soft, tender, fragrant. They are quick to prepare, only half an hour of additional time is needed for the dough to rise.

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  • Cream cheese from scratch

    Cream cheese from scratch

    Today we offer you to become cheesemakers and prepare cream cheese from scratch. Of course, hard varieties require skill and time, but as for soft cheese, anyone can make it, even the most inexperienced cook.

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  • Semolina porridge with carrot

    Semolina porridge with carrot

    Today we are cooking not quite the usual semolina porridge with carrot. Enhanced with carrots, it not only acquires a bright color but also a pleasant taste. The porridge can be confidently given to babies under one year old, although adults will not refuse such a treat. The main thing is to choose a high-quality,…

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  • Russian semolina porridge

    Russian semolina porridge

    Each of us has eaten russian semolina porridge at least once in a lifetime. If it so happened that since childhood you have a strong dislike for it, then most likely, by cooking it yourself, your opinion will change. We will tell you how to cook the perfect semolina porridge without lumps.

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  • Breakfast rice porridge

    Breakfast rice porridge

    If you are tired of having simple Breakfast rice porridge, try making porridge with apples. It turns out to be a very quick and delicious dish that both children and adults will like.

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  • Сhocolate rice porridge

    Сhocolate rice porridge

    Today we are preparing an incredibly delicious chocolate rice porridge for breakfast that everyone will definitely like. It resembles a delicate chocolate soufflé, but is very simple to make. So, on the table is chocolate rice porridge with walnut. It can be served as a dessert or as a standalone dish for breakfast. Be sure…

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