• Gelatine dessert

    Gelatine dessert

    Today we are preparing a delicious and beautiful gelatine dessert. A jelly cake with sour cream on the table. A great solution for a hot summer day. You don't even need to turn on the oven.

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  • Vegan chocolate truffles

    Vegan chocolate truffles

    Vegan chocolate truffles are amazing candies for all sweet tooths. They are not only healthy but also very filling, quickly satisfy hunger and will become an indispensable snack on a trip or at a picnic. You can use any nuts of your choice for the recipe.

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  • Sugar free nutella

    Sugar free nutella

    If there are chocolate paste lovers in your family, it would be good to learn how to make it at home. It's so simple. And homemade sugar free nutella turns out to be much healthier.

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  • Chocolate mousse souffle

    Chocolate mousse souffle

    Based on milk and with the addition of gelatin, you can prepare a delicate and tasty chocolate mousse souffle. It is served as a separate dessert. Or it can be used as part of a cake, a layer of a cake.

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  • Chocolate crepe cake with sour cream

    Chocolate crepe cake with sour cream

    For pancake lovers, we present a stunning dessert – a chocolate crepe cake with sour cream. This dish is made from simple pancakes, so it does not require the use of an oven. The cake is perfect for celebrating Maslenitsa as well as for any other holiday.

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  • Healthy breakfast souffle

    Healthy breakfast souffle

    We offer you a very simple and quick recipe for the most delicate dessert.Healthy breakfast souffle on the table. Such a dish can be confidently prepared for your children, as cottage cheese is very healthy. The sugar content here is minimal, so even those who are watching their figure can enjoy this dish. However, if…

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  • Old fashioned baked apples

    Old fashioned baked apples

    Old fashioned baked apples are a very delicious dessert. Today we have apples with filling, we are preparing baked apples with honey and nuts. The pulp is saturated with aromatic liquid from the inside, which makes the dish simply incredible. The dessert is low in calories, and if you exclude butter from the ingredients, it…

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  • Blueberry souffle

    Blueberry souffle

    Blueberry souffle without baking is the simplest and at the same time healthy dessert that everyone will like. It is prepared in a matter of minutes, so feel free to indulge yourself with this delicious dish. The main plus is that the souffle is low-calorie, so it is perfect for adherents of proper nutrition and…

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  • Apple puree

    Apple puree

    When the apple harvest is actively being collected, many housewives are puzzled by the preservation of this fruit for the winter. Today on the table is apple puree for the winter at home. A few jars of such a treat will be very helpful in winter when you want something sweet. Apple puree can be…

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  • Canned rhubarb

    Canned rhubarb

    Today we are preparing an undeservedly forgotten, but very useful and tasty plant. So, on the table is canned rhubarb. Its distinctive and unusual taste will be appreciated by gourmets. The jam is interesting, tart. It goes very well with tea.

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  • Carrot souffle recipe

    Carrot souffle recipe

    Souffle is a delicate, light, and airy dessert. And carrot souffle recipee is not only tasty but also very healthy. The orange color lifts the spirits, and the taste and texture… It's simply indescribable, you must try it.

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  • Сottage cheese souffle

    Сottage cheese souffle

    We offer a recipe for the most delicate dessert that the whole family will definitely like. We are preparing a cottage cheese souffle. It is perfect for breakfast, as a late dinner or a light snack.

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