• Canned rhubarb

    Canned rhubarb

    Today we are preparing an undeservedly forgotten, but very useful and tasty plant. So, on the table is canned rhubarb. Its distinctive and unusual taste will be appreciated by gourmets. The jam is interesting, tart. It goes very well with tea.

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  • Carrot souffle recipe

    Carrot souffle recipe

    Souffle is a delicate, light, and airy dessert. And carrot souffle recipee is not only tasty but also very healthy. The orange color lifts the spirits, and the taste and texture… It's simply indescribable, you must try it.

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  • Сottage cheese souffle

    Сottage cheese souffle

    We offer a recipe for the most delicate dessert that the whole family will definitely like. We are preparing a cottage cheese souffle. It is perfect for breakfast, as a late dinner or a light snack.

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  • Red velvet crepes

    Red velvet crepes

    Red velvet crepes can be complemented with cream or chocolate filling and prepared for any holiday. Beetroot juice is used as a dye in the recipe. You can squeeze the juice from fresh or boiled vegetables. We recommend not increasing the amount of honey in the recipe – the pancakes may darken. In order for…

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  • Banana cheesecake

    Banana cheesecake

    Today we are preparing a tender and light dessert, an airy homemade banana cheesecake. It's convenient that everything can be done quickly and without baking. The base is a crust made from shortbread cookies, topped with a layer of cottage cheese cream with pieces of banana. On a hot day, you can put the dessert…

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  • Chocolate cream crepes

    Chocolate cream crepes

    Have you not surprised your family with unusual and delicious desserts for a long time? Such chocolate cream crepes will definitely be appreciated not only by children but also by adults!

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  • Bananas in caramel

    Bananas in caramel

    Today we will prepare a delicious fruit dessert from just 3 ingredients. Fried bananas in caramel on the table. The whole process will take no more than 5 minutes. Serve the dessert hot, complemented by ice cream, which begins to melt from contact with hot caramel. It's incredibly delicious, be sure to try.

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  • Chocolate mille crepe cake

    Chocolate mille crepe cake

    Yeast pancakes are tasty, but quite ordinary. If you want to surprise your guests or loved ones with an original pancake dessert, then a chocolate mille crepe cake is the perfect choice.

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  • Chocolate christmas pudding

    Chocolate christmas pudding

    A festive dessert doesn't have to be a cake. Today we are preparing a chocolate christmas pudding. Tender, velvety, with a rich chocolate flavor.

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  • Strawberry yogurt cake

    Strawberry yogurt cake

    Today we are preparing an easy no-bake dessert, a strawberry yogurt cake. It has a sandy cookie base, fresh strawberries, and a delicate yogurt jelly. The cake looks impressive when cut and will be a great treat, especially on a hot day. And the hostesses will appreciate the simplicity and speed of preparation.

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  • Cranberry preserves

    Cranberry preserves

    The idea of making cranberry preserves originated in America, where they came up with the idea of complementing the tart berry with sweet and fragrant oranges. As a result, thanks to the presence of a large amount of pectin in citrus fruits, the result is not so much the usual jam, but its overseas version…

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  • Plum jam with chocolate

    Plum jam with chocolate

    It's very easy to turn the usual plum jam into an exquisite dessert. Today we are making plum jam with chocolate for winter. Delicate, aromatic, super chocolatey.

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