• Beetroot walnut salad

    Beetroot walnut salad

    No festive event is complete without appetizers. This simple and light beetroot walnut salad will not only benefit your body but also decorate any table. The successful combination of all ingredients will give the appetizer a sophisticated and delicate taste, while fresh garlic cloves will add a light piquancy to the salad.

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  • Wild garlic salad with eggs

    Wild garlic salad with eggs

    In early spring, wild garlic appears on the shelves of stores and markets. It looks like lily of the valley leaves and tastes like young garlic. It is also known as bear's onion or wild garlic. Wild garlic salad with eggs has a pleasant spiciness. It is excellent for replenishing the vitamin deficiency that we…

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  • Eggplant and tomato salad

    Eggplant and tomato salad

    Today we are preparing a wonderful salad consisting of just two main ingredients. Eggplant and tomato salad on the table. The taste is incredible. Eggplants with a light smokiness, tomatoes make the salad juicy. Be sure to try it.

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  • Watermelon and feta salad

    Watermelon and feta salad

    Today's dish will be appreciated by those who like unusual flavor combinations. We are preparing a healthy watermelon and feta salad. Juicy, bright, sophisticated.

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  • Avocado and boiled egg salad

    Avocado and boiled egg salad

    Have you tried the avocado and boiled egg salad? This light vegetable salad is very easy to prepare. It will satisfy hunger and give a feeling of fullness. And the fact that the salad is also very healthy makes it doubly delicious. Be sure to take note! Poached eggs can be cooked in any way…

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  • Shrimp salad with lettuce

    Shrimp salad with lettuce

    A beautiful and light shrimp salad with lettuce for a romantic evening or a friendly party looks very appetizing and contains very few calories. At the same time, the dish does not require much time and effort to prepare, and portioned serving in a glass cremank or glass looks very elegant and festive. The key…

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  • Shrimp louie salad

    Shrimp louie salad

    The shrimp louie salad has a fresh and bright taste, allowing the dish to serve not only as an excellent appetizer but also as a side dish to any meat. It consists of just a few simple ingredients. However, the uniqueness of the salad is given by the signature Louie dressing, which is a mix…

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  • Shrimp Caesar salad

    Shrimp Caesar salad

    It is very simple to prepare a classic version of the popular Shrimp Caesar salad. This requires very few basic ingredients: lettuce leaves, shrimp, Parmesan cheese, crispy croutons, and dressing with the same name. It is the correct sauce that turns a simple set of products into that unique dish that enjoys deserved popularity all…

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  • Imitation crab sticks salad

    Imitation crab sticks salad

    Today we are preparing a imitation crab sticks salad in an unusual shape. We suggest serving the dish in the form of a corn cob for the festive table. Your guests will be delighted with such an idea. Hurry up and take it up for yourself.

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  • Chicken walnut salad with cucumber and egg

    Chicken walnut salad with cucumber and egg

    A chicken walnut salad prunes, cucumber and egg is an original, tasty, and appetizing snack for any holiday. The salad is quite hearty, tender, and pleasant to taste. It's a pleasure to make it.

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  • Deviled egg potato salad

    Deviled egg potato salad

    Today we are preparing an unusual, budget-friendly, and very appetizing deviled egg potato salad for the festive New Year's table. Deviled eggs or Russian-style eggs are a delicious and simple appetizer known since the times of the USSR.

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  • Artificial crab meat salad

    Artificial crab meat salad

    A simple and healthy artificial crab meat salad will diversify your everyday menu. This light dish is suitable for any occasion and can also be served on the festive table. The salad will take a little time to prepare.

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