• Gelatine dessert

    Gelatine dessert

    Today we are preparing a delicious and beautiful gelatine dessert. A jelly cake with sour cream on the table. A great solution for a hot summer day. You don't even need to turn on the oven.

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  • French egg and onion tart

    French egg and onion tart

    French egg and onion tart turns out to be especially tender and tasty. A tart is a French cuisine dish that is a flat cake in the form of an open pie. It can have any filling: cheese, ham, sausages. The galette with egg and onion turns out to be especially tender and tasty.

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  • Zucchini gratin

    Zucchini gratin

    Today we are cooking zucchini gratin. An incredibly tender and juicy dish with a golden crust. It’s simple to make, looks beautiful and sophisticated.

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  • Chocolate crepe cake with sour cream

    Chocolate crepe cake with sour cream

    For pancake lovers, we present a stunning dessert – a chocolate crepe cake with sour cream. This dish is made from simple pancakes, so it does not require the use of an oven. The cake is perfect for celebrating Maslenitsa as well as for any other holiday.

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  • Sourdough loaf

    Sourdough loaf

    Today we will learn how to make a sourdough loaf on wheat sourdough. To say that it is tastier than store-bought is an understatement; it turns out just amazing. The loaf is soft, porous, and fragrant.

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  • Chocolate fondants

    Chocolate fondants

    Chocolate fondants with liquid filling is a small portioned cake. This warm and truly chocolate dessert is gaining more and more fans every day. It's irresistible, so be sure to treat your significant other to such a romantic dessert. The fondant is prepared in small ramekins or any small cupcake molds.

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  • Red velvet crepes

    Red velvet crepes

    Red velvet crepes can be complemented with cream or chocolate filling and prepared for any holiday. Beetroot juice is used as a dye in the recipe. You can squeeze the juice from fresh or boiled vegetables. We recommend not increasing the amount of honey in the recipe – the pancakes may darken. In order for…

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  • Rainbow crepes

    Rainbow crepes

    A rainbow crepes on a plate looks impressive and original. If there are children in the family, they will be especially delighted with such unusual pancakes. And to prepare a multicolored dessert, you do not need harmful dyes. All coloring ingredients are not only absolutely natural but also very healthy.

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  • Homemade french toast

    Homemade french toast

    Tender homemade french toast for breakfast is the perfect start to the day. There are many serving options, so you can cook this dish almost every day. You can eat toast with fresh fruits, berries, or jam. You can top it with honey, melted chocolate, or just sprinkle with powdered sugar. In any case, breakfast…

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  • Chocolate cream crepes

    Chocolate cream crepes

    Have you not surprised your family with unusual and delicious desserts for a long time? Such chocolate cream crepes will definitely be appreciated not only by children but also by adults!

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  • Chocolate mille crepe cake

    Chocolate mille crepe cake

    Yeast pancakes are tasty, but quite ordinary. If you want to surprise your guests or loved ones with an original pancake dessert, then a chocolate mille crepe cake is the perfect choice.

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  • Chocolate cherry galette

    Chocolate cherry galette

    Today we are preparing a very tasty dessert for chocolate and cherry lovers. A beautiful, rustic chocolate cherry galette baked in the oven will even decorate a festive table. The dough is crispy, the filling is rich and aromatic.

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