• Wild garlic salad with eggs

    Wild garlic salad with eggs

    In early spring, wild garlic appears on the shelves of stores and markets. It looks like lily of the valley leaves and tastes like young garlic. It is also known as bear's onion or wild garlic. Wild garlic salad with eggs has a pleasant spiciness. It is excellent for replenishing the vitamin deficiency that we…

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  • Russian soup with beetroot and corn

    Russian soup with beetroot and corn

    Russian soup with beetroot and corn can be cooked on different bases. For economy – even on beef or chicken soup set. But it is especially tasty with a large amount of meat on chicken breast.

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  • Vegetarian borscht

    Vegetarian borscht

    Vegetarian borscht is no less delicious than the one made with meat broth. Such a light first course is perfect for fasting, as well as when there is no meat at home. Vegetarians will particularly appreciate this method of preparation.

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  • Buckwheat soup

    Buckwheat soup

    We offer you to cook a very simple and delicious soup that will be liked not only by children but also by their parents. Buckwheat soup with chicken and potatoes is light, but at the same time very satisfying. Such a first course can already be boldly prepared for toddlers from a year old, as…

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  • Ukrainian beetroot soup

    Ukrainian beetroot soup

    Ukrainian beetroot soup can be described in a few words – hearty, bright, healthy, and very fragrant. How is this traditional Ukrainian cuisine dish prepared? Here is a detailed photo recipe.

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  • Authentic borscht soup recipe

    Authentic borscht soup recipe

    Bright saturated color and incomparable aroma of authentic borscht soup recipe dish will conquer everyone. There are many variations of preparing this world-famous soup. Every housewife has her own favorite and unique borscht recipe. You can cook borscht on any meat broth, we will prepare it with chicken breast, so it will be lighter, but…

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  • Russian borscht soup

    Russian borscht soup

    Today we are cooking a soup for all times and peoples. On the table is russian borscht soup. The borscht according to this recipe will definitely turn out to be brightly colored, with a wonderful taste and aroma.

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  • Wild strawberry vareniki

    Wild strawberry vareniki

    Today we are making wild strawberry vareniki. It's simply impossible to resist the taste and aroma of the forest berry. So, if you are lucky enough to gather or purchase these berries, we highly recommend making dumplings with wild strawberries. The dough is made with boiling water, it's soft, but at the same time it…

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  • Dumplings with strawberries

    Dumplings with strawberries

    For strawberry lovers, we recommend preparing delicious, fragrant dumplings with strawberries for dessert. The dough is thin and elastic, does not tear and holds the berry juice inside well. You can use both fresh and frozen berries

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  • Cherry pelmeni

    Cherry pelmeni

    Today we are cooking cherry pelmeni. Cherries are a natural antibiotic that helps blood vessels work properly. It raises hemoglobin levels and normalizes blood pressure. The finished dish can be sprinkled with powdered sugar, drizzled with sweet syrup, or honey to make it even tastier! To prepare the pelmeni, you will need just a few…

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  • Vareniki with cabbage

    Vareniki with cabbage

    Today we are cooking delicious and beautiful vareniki with cabbage. The dough made with boiling water is soft and elastic, it's a pleasure to work with, and the filling of fried sauerkraut is fragrant and piquant.

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  • Vareniki with cottage cheese

    Vareniki with cottage cheese

    Today we share a recipe for very tasty sweet vareniki with cottage cheese filling. The specified amount of ingredients makes 20 medium-sized dumplings. Therefore, for a large family, the portion of dough and filling needs to be doubled or tripled.

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