• Homemade ketchup recipe

    Homemade ketchup recipe

    Did you know that to make homemade ketchup recipe, you don't necessarily need to buy fresh tomatoes? A great option is to use canned tomatoes in their own juice. The main advantage of homemade ketchup is its naturalness compared to store-bought and the simplicity of preparation.

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  • Canned cranberry sauce

    Canned cranberry sauce

    Canned cranberry sauce is a simple, yet incredibly tasty addition to any roasted or fried meat, as well as to poultry or cheeses. Its pleasant tart-sweet taste with a light 'bitterness' and unobtrusive citrus aroma effectively highlights and emphasizes the bright notes of the main product.

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  • Homemade teriyaki sauce recipe

    Homemade teriyaki sauce recipe

    The "teriyaki" sauce is often used for cooking chicken dishes, noodles, rice, as well as for marinating meat and fish. The process of homemade teriyaki sauce recipe preparation is very quick and easy. Today we share the recipe for this wonderful sauce in a slightly adapted version. We will replace some ingredients with more accessible…

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  • Easy mayonnaise recipe

    Easy mayonnaise recipe

    Today we will prepare homemade mayonnaise on yolks. The sauce will be ready in 3 minutes. Mayonnaise turns out to be tender and well-balanced in taste, and most importantly, absolutely natural. Having tried it once, you just don't want to buy mayonnaise in the store.

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  • Tkemali sauce

    Tkemali sauce

    Tkemali sauce is the hallmark of Georgian cuisine. It is made on the basis of plums with the addition of hops-suneli seasoning and a large amount of greens. It is well suited to meat and fish dishes, has a rich sweet-sour-spicy taste.

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