• English battered sausage

    English battered sausage

    English battered sausage at home are cooked in a large amount of oil, so they cannot be called a dietary dish. But they turn out to be so delicious that once a month you can treat yourself to such original fast food. And the original presentation on sticks makes them similar to American corn dogs,…

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  • Fried onion rings

    Fried onion rings

    Fried onion rings are a very popular snack in cafes and bars. And they can be easily and simply made at home in a frying pan. You only need a large onion and a simple batter. In just a couple of minutes, you can fry a whole plate of this delicious snack from just one…

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  • Minced onion rings

    Minced onion rings

    Many visit the popular fast food chain to enjoy the crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, fragrant onion rings. Today we will make the same, but at home. It will be incredibly delicious. We are preparing minced onion rings

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  • English christmas cake

    English christmas cake

    English christmas cake is a main attribute of the Christmas holiday. And the first half of December is the perfect time to prepare it. A mandatory condition is a long maturation, during which the structure improves, and all tastes and aromas are enhanced.

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  • Homemade chocolate pudding

    Homemade chocolate pudding

    Are you still buying chocolate pudding from the store? Then be sure to take note of this recipe. A tender dessert with a rich chocolate flavor will conquer anyone. Homemade chocolate pudding is very easy to make at home without using gelatin and starch.

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  • Baked rice pudding

    Baked rice pudding

    Baked rice pudding is a classic dish of British cuisine. Traditionally, in addition to milk, it includes rice, eggs, butter, and raisins. But you can also add other ingredients if desired: berries, pieces of fruit, nuts. Thanks to the step-by-step introduction of ingredients, the dessert turns out incredibly tender, light, and airy. An excellent solution…

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  • Cheesy scalloped potatoes with bacon

    Cheesy scalloped potatoes with bacon

    Tired of the taste of ordinary boiled or fried potatoes? Then this recipe is perfect for you. Cheesy scalloped potatoes with bacon and apple combines a palette of flavors with a creamy-mustard sauce. The dish simply cannot leave anyone indifferent.

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  • Christmas plum cake

    Christmas plum cake

    Today we are making a christmas plum cake. Note that there are no eggs or dairy products in the composition, so the dessert can be considered fasting. The cake turns out soft, rich and diverse in taste.

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  • Orange drizzle cake

    Orange drizzle cake

    Today we are making a fragrant orange drizzle cake in a hurry. Everything is quick and easy, and the baking turns out soft, porous, with a slightly moist texture.

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  • Traditional beef shepherd’s pie

    Traditional beef shepherd’s pie

    Traditional beef shepherd's pie is a hearty dish loved by many generations of housewives because it can feed the whole family at once. It takes a lot of time to prepare, but all the efforts will definitely pay off. Loved ones will enjoy the tender meat filling and the golden crust on the mashed potatoes.

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  • Coconut pudding

    Coconut pudding

    Coconut pudding is a delicate dessert with an exotic flavor and unusual texture. It takes very little time to prepare the dessert, and the result will pleasantly surprise you. For the recipe, choose coconut flour and flakes. It is ideal to use coconut milk, but it can be replaced with cow"s milk.

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  • Roast beef salad

    Roast beef salad

    Roast beef is meat prepared in a special way. It is quickly seared in a skillet until browned, sealing the juices inside, and then cooked to the desired doneness in the oven. Fresh vegetables and onions are a perfect match for such juicy meat. Today we have a roast beef salad, delicious, nutritious, and healthy.

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