• Cucumber maki roll

    Cucumber maki roll

    The popularity of rolls is growing every day. Why not serve rolls with cucumber and cheese? This is especially relevant when there are vegetarians in the company. We will tell you how to prepare cucumber maki roll. Cheese can be omitted, then you will get simple rolls with one filling.

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  • Veggie spring rolls

    Veggie spring rolls

    Today on the table are veggie spring rolls. Even despite the absence of meat or fish in their composition, the dish will undoubtedly be popular among guests. This option is also suitable for a fasting menu.

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  • Philadelphia rolls recipe

    Philadelphia rolls recipe

    Surely you have tried the famous Philadelphia rolls recipe. Today we will make them at home. Everything is easy and simple. A minimum of components, and the taste is amazing, nothing to add or subtract. If desired, the filling can be supplemented with a slice of avocado or cucumber.

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  • Pancake roll

    Pancake roll

    In the modern world, rolls are becoming one of the most common dishes. Today we will make pancake roll, the most Russian dish of all Japanese ones. The seemingly main ingredient – nori sheets – turned out to be unnecessary.

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  • Teriyaki chicken thighs

    Teriyaki chicken thighs

    Teriyaki chicken thighs is an unconventional option for a delicious dinner. During cooking, the chicken pieces become a beautiful caramel color, and the subtle aroma of garlic and the rich bright salty-sweet taste of the sauce will leave no one indifferent. The dish is very simple to prepare and is suitable for beginner cooks.

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  • Baked teriyaki chicken drumsticks

    Baked teriyaki chicken drumsticks

    Experiencing the taste of East Asia in your own kitchen is very easy. Today's recipe is baked teriyaki chicken drumsticks. This sauce is considered one of the fundamental in Japanese cuisine, and its original sweet taste will surely add a bit of exoticism to your daily menu.

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  • Homemade teriyaki sauce recipe

    Homemade teriyaki sauce recipe

    The "teriyaki" sauce is often used for cooking chicken dishes, noodles, rice, as well as for marinating meat and fish. The process of homemade teriyaki sauce recipe preparation is very quick and easy. Today we share the recipe for this wonderful sauce in a slightly adapted version. We will replace some ingredients with more accessible…

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  • Matcha green tea pancakes

    Matcha green tea pancakes

    Matcha is a trendy trend gaining popularity. And, in addition to its direct use as tea, cooks successfully add it to desserts. Today we are making milk matcha green tea pancakes. Green in color and with an unusual herbal taste.

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  • Japanese fluffy pancakes recipe

    Japanese fluffy pancakes recipe

    Japanese fluffy pancakes recipe is easy to make. Tender and very delicious fluffy pancakes are perfect for a light breakfast or dessert. They can be served with any topping: sour cream or honey, berry or chocolate sauce, etc.

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  • Japanese souffle pancakes recipe

    Japanese souffle pancakes recipe

    Japanese souffle pancakes recipe is popular in Eastern cuisine. And it's not surprising, because these tall, airy and soft pancakes are incredibly tender and delicious. And they are easy to make, without any complicated techniques or equipment.

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  • Matcha Cheesecake

    Matcha Cheesecake

    Today we are making an exquisite dessert – matcha cheesecake. Matcha powder will give it an unusual color and a light herbal taste. The attractive appearance and unusual flavor will not leave anyone indifferent.

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  • Hot matcha latte

    Hot matcha latte

    Matcha is the healthiest tea in the world. Its powder is rapidly gaining popularity. Matcha has a tart taste, invigorates and refreshes. Today we will make a matcha latte at home.

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