• Vegan chocolate truffles

    Vegan chocolate truffles

    Vegan chocolate truffles are amazing candies for all sweet tooths. They are not only healthy but also very filling, quickly satisfy hunger and will become an indispensable snack on a trip or at a picnic. You can use any nuts of your choice for the recipe.

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  • Homemade shawarma

    Homemade shawarma

    Homemade shawarma is tastier than in a cafe. The dish is juicy and aromatic. Cooking shawarma at home is more economical than buying it at food outlets.

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  • Shakshuka breakfast

    Shakshuka breakfast

    Shakshuka is a dish for a bright start of the day. In just 15 minutes we will prepare a real oriental breakfast. The aroma of spices is indescribable, and the taste of fried eggs is rich and varied.Be sure to try it!

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  • Grilled shawarma

    Grilled shawarma

    Today we offer a convenient version option of snacks in nature, we cook grilled chicken shawarma. Salad for the filling can be made at home and taken with you, and it will not be difficult to assemble dish and fry it. A delicious homemade shawarma is already on the table.

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  • Homemade iced tea

    Homemade iced tea

    Today we will prepare a iced tea (karkade) with citrus fruits and strawberries. Karkade in the countries of the East is called "red tea", "Sudanese rose" and "drink of the Pharaohs". It represents dried flowers of roses, namely hibiscus. Sourness will cheer up on a hot day, and the berry will create a summer mood.…

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