• Asian chicken

    Asian chicken

    Fans of Asian cuisine will surely enjoy the light, quick to prepare, and very tasty asian chicken that enlivens the bland taste of lean fillet. The meat gives the dish satiety, vegetables give it freshness and color, and spices guarantee a bright taste.

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  • Homemade noodles for soup

    Homemade noodles for soup

    Homemade noodles for soup are perfect for making dishes. The tough dough, kneaded without adding water, is resistant to soaking in the finished soup. And because you can roll out the dough without adding flour, the broth remains clear. The main thing is that our noodles have only three main ingredients: egg, flour, and salt.

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  • Chicken in rice paper rolls

    Chicken in rice paper rolls

    Chicken in rice paper rolls are hearty quick rolls. The resulting rolls can be eaten immediately or fried in a deep fryer. The first option is dietary, so they can be confidently eaten by adherents of a healthy lifestyle.

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  • Beer brined chicken wings

    Beer brined chicken wings

    Beer brined chicken wings on a frying pan are suitable for serving for lunch, dinner, or a small family celebration. Initially, the chicken pieces are fried in a hot pan with the addition of oil, and then stewed in beer. This cooking method allows you to get juicy tender meat that simply melts in your…

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  • Fried capelin in a pan

    Fried capelin in a pan

    Today we will cook tender fried capelin in a pan in a crispy corn breading with spicy herbs. You will definitely want to repeat this recipe more than once.

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  • Peanut chicken

    Peanut chicken

    Today on the table is peanut chicken, an unusual but very successful combination. Tender chicken fillet in a caramel crust, with a pronounced taste of garlic and ginger, the spiciness of hot pepper.

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  • Сhristmas fortune cookies

    Сhristmas fortune cookies

    Сhristmas fortune cookies at home are a great entertainment at the holiday table. You can easily buy them in a store, but it's better to make them at home. Moreover, they will contain unique wishes that you personally come up with for your guests. In fact, it's not as difficult as it may seem, the…

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  • Oven baked duck

    Oven baked duck

    Do you want to surprise your guests with an unusual recipe or just treat your family to an original dish? Then oven baked duck at home is for you! It is simply impossible to remain indifferent to the aromatic, juicy, melt-in-your-mouth meat, crispy skin, and sauce with Asian notes in taste!

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  • Baked honey soy chicken drumsticks

    Baked honey soy chicken drumsticks

    Hearty and appetizing baked honey soy chicken drumsticks are a real find for those who want to diversify their diet with unusual taste sensations. Their juicy, tender meat with sweet notes and a golden crust can be served as a main course or as an appetizer. This dish will not leave guests or family members…

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  • Candied pumpkin

    Candied pumpkin

    Today we are making candied pumpkin. This is a great completely natural dessert. The sweet pieces are perfect for a healthy snack.

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  • Squid with rice noodles

    Squid with rice noodles

    Squid with rice noodles are on the table today. Noodles is well combined with seafood. It takes only 10 minutes to prepare. The dish unites the sharpness of noodles with the delicate taste of squid meat. Asian cuisine lovers will definitely appreciate the recipe.

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  • Oriental chicken salad

    Oriental chicken salad

    Today we will prepare a delicious salad of chicken and vegetables in Chinese style. Such dishes are characterized by fast roasting, when the vegetables remain crispy inside and ruddy outside. The salad is simple, but yummy. So, there is a chinese chicken salad.

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