Main Course

  • Vegan zucchini risotto

    Vegan zucchini risotto

    In Italian cuisine, there is a very delicious rice dish called "risotto". There are many ways to prepare it, we are making a vegetarian version that can be eaten during fasting. Vegan zucchini risotto on the table

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  • Chicken shish kabobs

    Chicken shish kabobs

    We prepare chicken shish kabobs in a pan on skewers. To enjoy fragrant and juicy skewers, it is not necessary to go out into nature and light a barbecue. With the right choice of meat, marinade, and cooking method, you can get a result that is as close to the original as possible.

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  • Buckwheat casserole

    Buckwheat casserole

    If you don’t like buckwheat porridge but are convinced of the need for its regular consumption, try preparing a dish according to our recipe. Buckwheat casserole in the oven with vegetables, mushrooms, and chicken fillet will change your attitude towards the healthy cereal for the better.

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  • Chicken souffle

    Chicken souffle

    If your child doesn't like to eat anything meaty, try offering them a сhicken souffle. It turns out tender and very tasty, so it can be liked even by the most finicky. It can be cooked in any small molds, small silicone molds or muffin tins are perfect. The souffle can simply be served with…

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  • Grilled pork shish kabobs

    Grilled pork shish kabobs

    To prepare delicious grilled pork shish kabobs (shashlik), it is not enough to choose a good piece of meat, the marinade is also important, which can save even not very soft and tender meat. Today we have pork shashlik on the grill. And the marinade will be oriental with soy sauce, vinegar, and sugar. The…

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  • Chicken broccoli potato casserole

    Chicken broccoli potato casserole

    An appetizing trio of chicken with potatoes and broccoli with the most delicious egg and sour cream filling and under a golden crust of cheese will definitely not leave you indifferent. The chicken broccoli potato casserole is not only extremely simple to prepare, but also very satisfying. In addition, even those who do not like…

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  • Meat nests with mushrooms and cheese

    Meat nests with mushrooms and cheese

    Today's dish is a great alternative to cutlets, we are preparing meat nests with mushrooms and cheese. Everything is simple, delicious, and beautiful.

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  • Buckwheat with vegetables

    Buckwheat with vegetables

    Today we have buckwheat with vegetables in a pan. During cooking, the cereal absorbs the flavors of mushrooms and vegetables and becomes incredibly tasty. The dish is completely vegan, so it will help diversify the menu for those fasting and vegetarians. You can use both champignons and wild mushrooms. But in the latter case, they…

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  • Chicken broccoli cheese casserole

    Chicken broccoli cheese casserole

    A delicious, hearty and healthy chicken broccoli cheese casserole will appeal even to those who generally do not like broccoli. It turns out incredibly tender and juicy. A wonderful cheese crust and bright cherry tomato wedges make the casserole even more appetizing, and a mixture of Provencal herbs adds an incredible, bright aroma to the…

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  • Creamy mushroom spaghetti

    Creamy mushroom spaghetti

    Creamy mushroom spaghetti – tasty and satisfying dinner. It takes very little time to prepare. We will use champignons, as these mushrooms are available at any time of the year and are easy to buy. If desired, in addition to the ingredients listed below, you can add chicken fillet, onions, and garlic to the dish.…

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  • Stew buckwheat with meat

    Stew buckwheat with meat

    Today we will make a simple, but tasty everyday dish, stew buckwheat with meat in a frying pan with onions. It cooks quickly, the grain turns out crumbly and fragrant.

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  • Arborio rice risotto with mushrooms

    Arborio rice risotto with mushrooms

    Arborio rice risotto with mushrooms is a well-known Italian dish. We suggest cooking it with champignons, which perfectly complement its creamy taste. The risotto turns out to be very tender and creamy.

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