• Duck gizzards in a pan

    Duck gizzards in a pan

    Duck gizzards in a pan with onions is a delicious budget meal for the whole family. To make the meat aromatic and tender, the offal must be chilled without wind-dried edges, sticky mucus, and foreign smell. This method can be used to cook not only duck, but also goose and chicken gizzards.

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  • Cottage cheese crepes

    Cottage cheese crepes

    Delicious, tender cottage cheese crepes cooked with a minimum amount of oil can be a full meal for breakfast or snack at any age. Cottage cheese is a source of calcium and phosphorus, and the pancakes themselves are suppliers of simple carbohydrates and easily digestible animal proteins. To make thin pancakes tender, thin, and not…

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  • Apple cinnamon swirl babka

    Apple cinnamon swirl babka

    Apple cinnamon swirl babka will leave no one indifferent. Baking such a pastry is as simple as can be if you follow these instructions. The dough turns out soft and elastic. You can use any filling. With apples, raisins, cinnamon, and orange zest, it will be so fragrant and delicious that it will be impossible…

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  • Pumpkin fritters

    Pumpkin fritters

    Today we are cooking very delicious pumpkin fritters. Instead of eggs, oatmeal is used here as a binding component, which allows the dish to be fasting. The patties are bright, juicy, and aromatic.

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  • Egg and onion pie

    Egg and onion pie

    Today we are cooking a delicious snack pie. You won't even need an oven. Everything is quick and simple. On the table is a egg and onion pie on sour cream in a frying pan.

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  • Wild garlic salad with eggs

    Wild garlic salad with eggs

    In early spring, wild garlic appears on the shelves of stores and markets. It looks like lily of the valley leaves and tastes like young garlic. It is also known as bear's onion or wild garlic. Wild garlic salad with eggs has a pleasant spiciness. It is excellent for replenishing the vitamin deficiency that we…

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  • Kefir crepes

    Kefir crepes

    Kefir crepes in a frying pan turn out to be very tasty, tender, and rosy. At the same time, they are very thin and do not break, so they are perfect for sweet fillings. If you do not like sweet pancakes or will use them for savory fillings, you should reduce the amount of sugar…

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  • Healthy fish soup

    Healthy fish soup

    Healthy fish soup is an affordable dietary dish. The salmon you bought can be used to prepare two dishes. You can salt or fry the main part of the fish, and make a dietary dish from the leftovers to the delight of your family.

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  • Russian soup with beetroot and corn

    Russian soup with beetroot and corn

    Russian soup with beetroot and corn can be cooked on different bases. For economy – even on beef or chicken soup set. But it is especially tasty with a large amount of meat on chicken breast.

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  • Chocolate crepe cake with sour cream

    Chocolate crepe cake with sour cream

    For pancake lovers, we present a stunning dessert – a chocolate crepe cake with sour cream. This dish is made from simple pancakes, so it does not require the use of an oven. The cake is perfect for celebrating Maslenitsa as well as for any other holiday.

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  • Sour cream cake

    Sour cream cake

    Today we will prepare a simple homemade cake with a “telling” name. Sour cream is present both in the cakes and in the cream. Soft, moist, well-soaked. Sour cream cake at home on the table.

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  • Chocolate healthy russian tea cookies

    Chocolate healthy russian tea cookies

    Even while on a healthy diet, you can eat deliciously and allow yourself sweets. And today we will have chocolate healthy russian tea cookies. They are made on a cottage cheese dough without any oil, and the high-grade flour is completely replaced with whole grain. After baking, they resemble buns more, and the next day…

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