• Baked carrot sticks

    Baked carrot sticks

    Baked carrot sticks will make a great snack. They can also be served as a side dish or as an addition to a side dish as a vegetable component. The dish is perfect for vegetarians or for consumption during fasting. Any sauce can be served with the carrots at your discretion, but the sticks themselves…

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  • Potato fries recipe

    Potato fries recipe

    Want to enjoy delicious crispy potato fries recipe? Rest assured, it's very simple. Just 3 ingredients and a little free time — and a whole plate of potatoes will appear on your table. No special equipment is needed for this.

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  • Chicken breast chips

    Chicken breast chips

    Today's dish is a great alternative to store-bought junk food like dried meat and other meat semi-finished products. Chicken breast chips are perfect for evening gatherings, and children will not refuse such a treat. It's easy and simple to cook, it turns out delicious and natural.

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  • Pasta Chips

    Pasta Chips

    Today we are preparing an original snack, pasta chips on the table. Great as an appetizer or just a snack with sauce. The dish is unusual, original, and interesting.

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  • Sandwich with egg and bacon

    Sandwich with egg and bacon

    The taste of hot morning sandwiches will make your mood excellent for the whole day. A sandwich with egg and bacon can be taken to work or packed for a child. This recipe is perfect even for those who are always busy and don't have time to stand at the stove for long.

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  • Chicken in rice paper rolls

    Chicken in rice paper rolls

    Chicken in rice paper rolls are hearty quick rolls. The resulting rolls can be eaten immediately or fried in a deep fryer. The first option is dietary, so they can be confidently eaten by adherents of a healthy lifestyle.

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  • Lavash wrap

    Lavash wrap

    It is easy to make delicious hot lavash wrap. Everything is quick and simple. It is convenient to eat, you can easily take it with you to school or work. Any meat or sausage can be used as the meat component.

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  • Baked zucchini chips

    Baked zucchini chips

    We offer you an alternative to store-bought potato chips made from simple zucchini. This snack is just as delicious but healthier, so you can confidently prepare it for your children. Baked zucchini chips are quite easy to make.

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  • Homemade fish sticks

    Homemade fish sticks

    Today we are cooking a delicious and healthy dish for children, homemade fish sticks on the table. Many kids refuse to eat fish cutlets, but if you make them in the form of sticks with a crispy crust, everything changes, and the dish quickly disappears from the plate. It is better to bake children's fish…

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  • Homemade shawarma

    Homemade shawarma

    Homemade shawarma is tastier than in a cafe. The dish is juicy and aromatic. Cooking shawarma at home is more economical than buying it at food outlets.

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  • Mashed potato fries

    Mashed potato fries

    Today we are making delicious and crispy mashed potato fries with cheese in a pan. This snack is perfect for a large company. Be sure to try it!

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  • Grilled shawarma

    Grilled shawarma

    Today we offer a convenient version option of snacks in nature, we cook grilled chicken shawarma. Salad for the filling can be made at home and taken with you, and it will not be difficult to assemble dish and fry it. A delicious homemade shawarma is already on the table.

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