• Creme bavarois (Bavarian cream)

    Creme bavarois (Bavarian cream)

    Bavarian cream is a classic European dessert consisting of custard egg mass, gelatin and whipped cream. The dessert is very delicate and airy. And coffee lovers will undoubtedly like the option with this taste.

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  • Banana coffee latte

    Banana coffee latte

    Today we will prepare a banana latte. If you like sweet coffee, then you will definitely like this drink. Banana is perfectly combined with coffee, gives a stringiness and additional flavor. Banana latte is served cold, so it can be safely classified as a cocktail.

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  • Coffee dalgona

    Coffee dalgona

    Today we offer to prepare a Dalgona coffee. Drink for real coffee lovers. It can be easily made at home. It is served in a clear glass so that the separation of layers is clearly visible. Milk from below, and an airy coffee mousse from above.

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