• Pickled red beet eggs

    Pickled red beet eggs

    Today we are making an interesting and unusual appetizer from eggs, pickled red beet eggs. The dish looks beautiful and has a piquant taste.

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  • Pickled carrot eggs

    Pickled carrot eggs

    Today we will make a spicy appetizer from eggs, which is perfect as a treat for the Easter table. Let's cook pickled carrot eggs. The dish is unusual and beautiful. It can be served as a standalone dish or as a component of sandwiches, canapes, salads.

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  • Russian chocolate cottage cheese paska

    Russian chocolate cottage cheese paska

    Today we are cooking a wonderful Easter dessert, Russian chocolate cottage cheese paska. Adding dried fruits will diversify the texture and taste, and the beautiful appearance will captivate the eye. Here, a form with a volume of 450 grams of cottage cheese is used.

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  • Baked pork picnic ham with mustard

    Baked pork picnic ham with mustard

    Baked pork picnic ham with mustard baked in a large piece. To make meat tender and evenly cooked, you need to let the meat soak well in brine, and then bake at a low temperature. The cooling process is also important. A step-by-step recipe with photos will tell and show everything in detail.

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  • Russian cottage cheese Paska

    Russian cottage cheese Paska

    Paska is a special type of Easter treat. It is a dessert, most often based on cottage cheese, made in the form of a truncated pyramid. It is made in a special mold called a pasochka. Today we have a Russian cottage cheese Paska on the table. The recipe is basic, taking it as a…

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  • Easter bread Kulich

    Easter bread Kulich

    Easter bread Kulich eggs and cottage cheese Easter. It should be baked in advance, preferably on Holy Thursday. And one more essential condition for making Easter pastries is a good mood. After all, only in this case the dough will turn out fluffy and aromatic.

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  • Easter bunny pancakes

    Easter bunny pancakes

    Today we are making easter bunny pancakes for breakfast. To do this, it is easy to decorate it with fruits and chocolate drops. The pancakes are made with kefir. But carrots make them even more healthy and fluffy. It is added directly to the dough, but softens during frying and does not crunch in the…

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