• Sandwich with egg and bacon

    Sandwich with egg and bacon

    The taste of hot morning sandwiches will make your mood excellent for the whole day. A sandwich with egg and bacon can be taken to work or packed for a child. This recipe is perfect even for those who are always busy and don't have time to stand at the stove for long.

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  • Lavash wrap

    Lavash wrap

    It is easy to make delicious hot lavash wrap. Everything is quick and simple. It is convenient to eat, you can easily take it with you to school or work. Any meat or sausage can be used as the meat component.

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  • Kids eggs

    Kids eggs

    Kids eggs with the addition of vegetables and greens – a hearty healthy breakfast. To make the little gourmets enjoy it, fried eggs on a plate can be turned into a frame from a cartoon. For example, into cute fish in love.

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