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  • Beetroot hummus recipe

    Beetroot hummus recipe

    Hummus is a well-known dish based on chickpeas. Today we are preparing one of the variations. This is beetroot hummus recipe. The dish is lean, but at the same time quite satisfying and appetizing.

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  • Beetroot smoothie

    Beetroot smoothie

    Let`s make a bright vitamin drink, beetroot smoothie. The pink color attracts attention, celery adds a spicy note, and beets add sweetness. A great option for a snack.

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  • Raspberry mousse

    Raspberry mousse

    You can make a wonderful dessert from fresh or frozen raspberries. Today we will make raspberry mousse. The mousse is delicate, low-calorie, airy, like a cloud.

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  • Barbie cookies

    Barbie cookies

    The pink color trend is rapidly gaining popularity, and this is associated with the release of the Barbie movie. The fashionable trend has not bypassed the culinary world. Today we will make bright Barbie cookies. The pleasant color and button design make ordinary shortbread cookies interesting and attractive.

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  • Barbie pasta

    Barbie pasta

    Pink Barbie pasta is a trend. And such pasta is easy and simple to cook. The dish turns out delicious and beautiful.

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