• Pizzagaina


    When traditional pizza gets boring, or you just don't want to bother with rolling out the dough and spreading the filling, this recipe is perfect for you. Today we have pizzagaina. It's convenient that everything can be done in one bowl.

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  • Grilled Pizza

    Grilled Pizza

    Few people have tried hot pizza cooked in nature. A grilled pizza differs from an oven-baked one. It has a crust and a light smoky aroma. The filling can include everything you put in a regular pizza.

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  • Marinara pizza recipe

    Marinara pizza recipe

    Today we are cooking pizza Marinara . Soft dough and rich tomato sauce – is it not an idyll? The composition is simple, but the taste is amazing. The dish is prepared with only 2 ingredients: yeast dough and tomato sauce. The main secret lies in the sauce. In the recipe, we explain the technology…

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  • Bell pepper pizza

    Bell pepper pizza

    Today, in just 30 minutes, we will prepare a bell pepper, olives and onion pizza. This recipe is "quick dish when you want to treat yourself to something delicious". Its ruddy sides, golden cheese and dough soaked in sauce will not leave anyone indifferent. You can courageously cook it for the company. The recipe will…

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