• Tomato galette

    Tomato galette

    Today we are making an exquisite appetizer. On the table is a tomato galette. Delicious, fragrant, and rustic. But that’s what gives the dish its special charm.

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  • Zucchini galette

    Zucchini galette

    A zucchini galette is perfect for a hearty lunch. Since the cheese filling and zucchini are mild in flavor, herbs with a bright aroma and garlic are added to the galette. Any combination of cheeses can be used, complemented by a soft cheese for added tenderness.

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  • Peach galette

    Peach galette

    Today for dessert we will have a very tasty and beautiful peach galette. Crispy dough and juicy aromatic filling. The appearance is simply stunning.

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  • Plum galette

    Plum galette

    Today we cooking a delicate plum galette. It's a fruit dessert from the simplest and most affordable products. You can use any seasonal fruits or berries as a filling. It is better to take dense plums for dessert, otherwise after cooking they will turn into plum jam.

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  • Strawberry galette

    Strawberry galette

    Hardtack biscuits is a dry cookie, and also a wonderful French dessert made of shortcrust dough with a filling of berries or fruits. Rustic careless, but so delicious and beautiful. The dough doesn’t get wet, and the berry juice turns into a soft jelly-like fragrant mass thanks to starch.

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  • Cherry galette

    Cherry galette

    Today we are preparing yummy dessert, there is a cherry galette on the table. We suggest using whole-wheat flour for the preparation of shortcrust dough. It gives a light bread taste, which goes well with a juicy and fragrant cherry filling.

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