• Stuffed peppers in oven

    Stuffed peppers in oven

    Juicy, hearty, and very tasty dish – stuffed peppers in oven. The dish looks so good that it's not a shame to put it on the festive table. At the same time, the cooking process is very simple.

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  • Canned cranberry sauce

    Canned cranberry sauce

    Canned cranberry sauce is a simple, yet incredibly tasty addition to any roasted or fried meat, as well as to poultry or cheeses. Its pleasant tart-sweet taste with a light 'bitterness' and unobtrusive citrus aroma effectively highlights and emphasizes the bright notes of the main product.

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  • Baked turkey drumsticks

    Baked turkey drumsticks

    Turkey meat is the best choice for those who strive to eat right. With a negligible fat content, it is incredibly rich in proteins and amino acids. If you combine turkey meat with vegetables and fruits during cooking, you can get a dish that is both tasty and healthy. Let's prepare a baked turkey drumsticks.

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  • Ground turkey and zucchini

    Ground turkey and zucchini

    Ground turkey and zucchini is perfect for a diet menu. The dish is suitable for both a family dinner and a festive feast. This delicious dish is incredibly easy to prepare and does not require the hostess to spend a long time in the kitchen.

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  • Oven roasted turkey breast

    Oven roasted turkey breast

    Do you want to feed your family deliciously and satisfyingly, but you have no time? This problem can be easily solved by baking oven roasted turkey breast with creamy pesto sauce. After all, this dish will require no more than 40 minutes of your time and even allows you to prepare your favorite side dish…

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