fresh cherry

  • Cherry pelmeni

    Cherry pelmeni

    Today we are cooking cherry pelmeni. Cherries are a natural antibiotic that helps blood vessels work properly. It raises hemoglobin levels and normalizes blood pressure. The finished dish can be sprinkled with powdered sugar, drizzled with sweet syrup, or honey to make it even tastier! To prepare the pelmeni, you will need just a few…

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  • Cherry latice pie

    Cherry latice pie

    Cherry latice pie shortcrust pastry – will please guests and family with a tasty treat for tea. A universal recipe for making dough

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  • Baked cherry cheesecake

    Baked cherry cheesecake

    On the table is a baked cherry cheesecake made from oatmeal. Replacing flour with oatmeal flakes in a classic shortcrust pastry reduces its calorie content and gives it an unusual taste and crispy texture. The cottage cheese layer is incredibly tender, and the fragrant cherry complements and enhances the flavor.

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  • Cherry cheesecake brownies

    Cherry cheesecake brownies

    Today we will make a cherry cheesecake brownies. This pastry will definitely not leave anyone indifferent!

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  • Cherry galette

    Cherry galette

    Today we are preparing yummy dessert, there is a cherry galette on the table. We suggest using whole-wheat flour for the preparation of shortcrust dough. It gives a light bread taste, which goes well with a juicy and fragrant cherry filling.

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