• Orange bundt cake

    Orange bundt cake

    Orange bundt cake according to this recipe turns out to be amazingly tender, juicy, soft. It doesn't even require a separate impregnation. It is enough to simply decorate the dessert with chocolate icing, and it is completely ready to be served. This is a very quick and simple recipe.

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  • Apple and orange cake

    Apple and orange cake

    The sweet fruity aroma of a sponge apple and orange cake, complemented by a warm note of vanilla, will add coziness to home gatherings. And the decor of dried citrus slices and fresh rowan berries will turn simple baking into a real festive pie.

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  • Semolina lemon cake

    Semolina lemon cake

    Semolina lemon cake is a very tasty, quick, and easy-to-make pie. This time, we will add just one ingredient to the usual recipe, which will greatly transform the taste and aroma of the pastry. We are talking about lemon zest. Everyone who likes citrus notes in desserts will really like this version of the semolina…

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  • Cranberry preserves

    Cranberry preserves

    The idea of making cranberry preserves originated in America, where they came up with the idea of complementing the tart berry with sweet and fragrant oranges. As a result, thanks to the presence of a large amount of pectin in citrus fruits, the result is not so much the usual jam, but its overseas version…

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  • Chicken liver salad

    Chicken liver salad

    Supporting a good mood at any time of the year and permanently banishing seasonal blues will help regular preparation of this festive salad-antidepressant from poultry liver with oranges and a dressing based on olive oil. Let's cook chicken liver salad.

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  • Citrus chicken salad

    Citrus chicken salad

    Today we will prepare a delicious and unusual salad with an original presentation. On the table is a citrus chicken salad. It is very easy to make beautiful cups from oranges, and the perception of the dish completely changes.

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  • Crepes suzette recipe

    Crepes suzette recipe

    Do you want to transport yourself to one of the Parisian cafes for a few magical minutes? You can easily do this even while being in your own kitchen. Just prepare tender, lacy, and incredibly aromatic creamy Crepes suzette with orange sauce.

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  • Orange drizzle cake

    Orange drizzle cake

    Today we are making a fragrant orange drizzle cake in a hurry. Everything is quick and easy, and the baking turns out soft, porous, with a slightly moist texture.

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  • Herb roasted chicken

    Herb roasted chicken

    Herb roasted chicken whole – one of the traditional festive dishes that takes the most honorable place on the table. Today we have a dish for true gourmets, as the meat turns out with a delicate taste and aroma of citrus.

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  • Mandarin orange chicken salad

    Mandarin orange chicken salad

    Today we are making mandarin orange chicken salad. The combination is unusual, but the dish turns out very juicy, light, and memorable. The recipe is simple and does not require special culinary skills.

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