• Chicken shish kabobs

    Chicken shish kabobs

    We prepare chicken shish kabobs in a pan on skewers. To enjoy fragrant and juicy skewers, it is not necessary to go out into nature and light a barbecue. With the right choice of meat, marinade, and cooking method, you can get a result that is as close to the original as possible.

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  • Beef shish kebab

    Beef shish kebab

    To taste delicious kebab, it's not necessary to go outdoors. Everything can be done at home in the kitchen. Today we are preparing an beef shish kebab. Tender, juicy, aromatic.

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  • Beef pork kebab in oven

    Beef pork kebab in oven

    Simple recipe for a well-known Caucasian dish. Beef pork kebab in oven without skewers. For juiciness, add bell pepper, onion, and parsley. And traditionally, a large amount of spices, which can, of course, be varied depending on your taste.

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  • Homemade shawarma

    Homemade shawarma

    Homemade shawarma is tastier than in a cafe. The dish is juicy and aromatic. Cooking shawarma at home is more economical than buying it at food outlets.

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  • Beef kofta kebab

    Beef kofta kebab

    Today we cook beef kofta kebab from minced meat in a frying pan. No gluing components are added to the minced meat, but the kebabs keep their shape well. How to achieve this, you will learn from the recipe. In fact, everything is very simple.

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  • Turkish dolma

    Turkish dolma

    Dolma – oriental dish. This is ground beef in stuffed grape leaves. The dish is ingenious and unusual. Grape leaves give a unique taste and aroma. Dolma is prepared simply and quickly, be sure to try it.

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