Side Dish

  • Quinoa breakfast porridge

    Quinoa breakfast porridge

    Quinoa came to us from South America, where it was the staple food of the Incas. If not long ago quinoa was known to very few, now this valuable product is very popular all over the world among people who adhere to a healthy diet and vegetarians. Quinoa breakfast porridge on water is rich in…

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  • Potato fries recipe

    Potato fries recipe

    Want to enjoy delicious crispy potato fries recipe? Rest assured, it's very simple. Just 3 ingredients and a little free time — and a whole plate of potatoes will appear on your table. No special equipment is needed for this.

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  • Braised red cabbage with apples

    Braised red cabbage with apples

    Dishes made from red cabbage always attract attention with their unusual appearance. Today on the table is braised red cabbage with apples. It can be served both on its own and as a side dish to meat.

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  • Vegetarian potato kebab

    Vegetarian potato kebab

    Vegetarian potato kebab is a simple dish that is prepared not much more difficult than mashed potatoes. Potato kebab is very tasty and aromatic. It is served on skewers, so it looks very original. The dish is suitable for fasting or for vegetarians.

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  • Pea and mint puree

    Pea and mint puree

    Delicious, bright, hearty, and very beautiful – that's how you can describe pea and mint puree in a few words. We recommend everyone who has not yet cooked such a side dish to definitely try it. The amount of time spent is minimal, and the result is simply excellent! Mint leaves in this recipe are…

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  • Pan fried potatoes and onions

    Pan fried potatoes and onions

    Today we cooking pan fried potatoes and onions. The dish can be served both as an independent dish and as a side dish for meat or fish. Thanks to stewing in sour cream, the potatoes turn out tender and very tasty. Also, the recipe will help out when there are already cooked potatoes in the…

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  • Potato with butter

    Potato with butter

    There are potato in the sleeve on the table today. Only for 45 minutes turn out soft, fragrant and very tasty side dish. Potatoes can be cooked without peeling, and it brings a unique taste to the dish. A simple dressing of oils and herbs gives the dish a unique taste.

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  • Spinach rice

    Spinach rice

    Today we are preparing a healthy side dish of rice, spinach rice on the table. The cooking method is as simple as possible, even a beginner cook can cope. This side dish is perfect for meat, fish and vegetables. Adding herbs and spices will give the usual cereal a bright green color and change the…

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