• Chocolate cherry cake

    Chocolate cherry cake

    Cherry and chocolate is one of the classic flavor combinations. Today's chocolate cherry cake is rich and aromatic. It is very simple and quick to prepare. The sponge is baked on a baking sheet in one go, which saves time.

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  • Black forest cherry cake

    Black forest cherry cake

    Today we have an incredibly delicious black forest cherry cake on the table. The combination of rich chocolate sponge cake, whipped cream, and an abundance of cherries is simply indescribable pleasure.

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  • Chocolate cherry muffins

    Chocolate cherry muffins

    Today for dessert we will bake very soft and fluffy muffins from inexpensive ingredients. For the filling, we will use cherries (frozen or canned berries are suitable off-season). Chocolate cherry muffins prepared according to this recipe will be a wonderful treat for a home tea party or a small family celebration.

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  • Cherry pelmeni

    Cherry pelmeni

    Today we are cooking cherry pelmeni. Cherries are a natural antibiotic that helps blood vessels work properly. It raises hemoglobin levels and normalizes blood pressure. The finished dish can be sprinkled with powdered sugar, drizzled with sweet syrup, or honey to make it even tastier! To prepare the pelmeni, you will need just a few…

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  • Cherry latice pie

    Cherry latice pie

    Cherry latice pie shortcrust pastry – will please guests and family with a tasty treat for tea. A universal recipe for making dough

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  • Chocolate cherry galette

    Chocolate cherry galette

    Today we are preparing a very tasty dessert for chocolate and cherry lovers. A beautiful, rustic chocolate cherry galette baked in the oven will even decorate a festive table. The dough is crispy, the filling is rich and aromatic.

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  • Apple cherry pie

    Apple cherry pie

    Preparing a apple cherry pie with an abundance of fragrant tender filling and soft puff pastry. The pastry is very beautiful and incredibly tasty. We are preparing a pie with apples and cherries.

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  • Twin peaks cherry pie

    Twin peaks cherry pie

    "This must be where pies go when they die" – this is the phrase a character from the famous series said after trying an incredible, insanely delicious pie. "Twin peaks" cherry pie is a bombastic combination of taste, aroma, and excellent appearance.

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  • Cherry crumble pie

    Cherry crumble pie

    Today's cake combines simplicity of preparation and incredible taste. On the table is a Cherry crumble pie. Crispy dough that does not need to be kneaded, and fragrant rich filling.

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  • Cherry cream cheese pie

    Cherry cream cheese pie

    Prepare a tender cake based on sand dough. On the table is a Cherry cream cheese pie. It looks beautiful and is easy to make.

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  • Cherry strudel with puff pastry

    Cherry strudel with puff pastry

    Today we are making a delicious cherry strudel with puff pastry. The cinnamon notes and walnuts give the dessert a special sophistication. Be sure to take note of this quick and incredibly tasty recipe.

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  • Fresh cherry pie

    Fresh cherry pie

    Today we are preparing yummy fresh cherry pie on yeast dough. It’s pleasure for cherry lovers. In our recipe the yeast dough turns out thin and crispy, and the filling is viscous and juicy. You can add ice cream to a hot pie for serving.

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