• Beetroot walnut salad

    Beetroot walnut salad

    No festive event is complete without appetizers. This simple and light beetroot walnut salad will not only benefit your body but also decorate any table. The successful combination of all ingredients will give the appetizer a sophisticated and delicate taste, while fresh garlic cloves will add a light piquancy to the salad.

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  • Cottage cheese crepes

    Cottage cheese crepes

    Delicious, tender cottage cheese crepes cooked with a minimum amount of oil can be a full meal for breakfast or snack at any age. Cottage cheese is a source of calcium and phosphorus, and the pancakes themselves are suppliers of simple carbohydrates and easily digestible animal proteins. To make thin pancakes tender, thin, and not…

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  • Puff pastry with yeast

    Puff pastry with yeast

    Today we will make puff pastry with yeast at home. Homemade dough can never be compared with store-bought. It's soft, fluffy, and smells like butter. Perfect for buns, pies, pizza.

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  • Kefir crepes

    Kefir crepes

    Kefir crepes in a frying pan turn out to be very tasty, tender, and rosy. At the same time, they are very thin and do not break, so they are perfect for sweet fillings. If you do not like sweet pancakes or will use them for savory fillings, you should reduce the amount of sugar…

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  • Homemade boiled bagels

    Homemade boiled bagels

    Homemade boiled bagels is a bun made of yeast dough, cooked in a special way. First, the products are boiled, and then baked in the oven. Due to this, they have a ruddy crust and a very tender crumb. Bagels are usually stuffed by cutting them into two parts. Both sweet and salty foods can…

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  • Yeast free puff pastry

    Yeast free puff pastry

    It is quite simple to prepare layered yeast free puff pastry at home. It is soft, flaky, and fragrant. Can be used immediately or frozen. Suitable for croissants, turnovers, pies, and pastries.

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  • Healthy fish soup

    Healthy fish soup

    Healthy fish soup is an affordable dietary dish. The salmon you bought can be used to prepare two dishes. You can salt or fry the main part of the fish, and make a dietary dish from the leftovers to the delight of your family.

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  • Homemade chicken sausage

    Homemade chicken sausage

    Today we will learn how to cook dairy homemade chicken sausage. It's all very simple, and the result is stunning. Soft, tender, and incredibly tasty sausages without any chemical additives and flavor enhancers. The tenderness is ensured by preparing the minced meat with the addition of milk and butter, and the right set of spices…

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  • Homemade cream of mushroom soup

    Homemade cream of mushroom soup

    It is really possible to prepare a homemade cream of mushroom soup, just like in a restaurant. The most delicate soup with a rich mushroom aroma will definitely make it into the list of your favorite first courses. The cream soup can also be made on the basis of wild mushrooms, but in this recipe,…

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  • Apple puree

    Apple puree

    When the apple harvest is actively being collected, many housewives are puzzled by the preservation of this fruit for the winter. Today on the table is apple puree for the winter at home. A few jars of such a treat will be very helpful in winter when you want something sweet. Apple puree can be…

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  • Vegetarian borscht

    Vegetarian borscht

    Vegetarian borscht is no less delicious than the one made with meat broth. Such a light first course is perfect for fasting, as well as when there is no meat at home. Vegetarians will particularly appreciate this method of preparation.

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  • Ukrainian beetroot soup

    Ukrainian beetroot soup

    Ukrainian beetroot soup can be described in a few words – hearty, bright, healthy, and very fragrant. How is this traditional Ukrainian cuisine dish prepared? Here is a detailed photo recipe.

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