• Vegetarian borscht

    Vegetarian borscht

    Vegetarian borscht is no less delicious than the one made with meat broth. Such a light first course is perfect for fasting, as well as when there is no meat at home. Vegetarians will particularly appreciate this method of preparation.

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  • Ukrainian beetroot soup

    Ukrainian beetroot soup

    Ukrainian beetroot soup can be described in a few words – hearty, bright, healthy, and very fragrant. How is this traditional Ukrainian cuisine dish prepared? Here is a detailed photo recipe.

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  • Authentic borscht soup recipe

    Authentic borscht soup recipe

    Bright saturated color and incomparable aroma of authentic borscht soup recipe dish will conquer everyone. There are many variations of preparing this world-famous soup. Every housewife has her own favorite and unique borscht recipe. You can cook borscht on any meat broth, we will prepare it with chicken breast, so it will be lighter, but…

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  • Finnish salmon soup

    Finnish salmon soup

    Finnish salmon soup is made not only from salmon or trout fillets, but also from the bellies of these fish. To give the broth a richer flavor, the spine and fins remaining after filleting the carcass are used. Cream is definitely added to the soup, and butter is used for frying the vegetables. The higher…

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  • Cream cheese from scratch

    Cream cheese from scratch

    Today we offer you to become cheesemakers and prepare cream cheese from scratch. Of course, hard varieties require skill and time, but as for soft cheese, anyone can make it, even the most inexperienced cook.

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  • Orange bundt cake

    Orange bundt cake

    Orange bundt cake according to this recipe turns out to be amazingly tender, juicy, soft. It doesn't even require a separate impregnation. It is enough to simply decorate the dessert with chocolate icing, and it is completely ready to be served. This is a very quick and simple recipe.

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  • Russian fish soup

    Russian fish soup

    There is no need to buy a whole fish or an expensive piece of red fish. Russian fish soup with barley is hearty, healthy, and appetizing in appearance. Of all the types of cereals for fish soup, barley is ideal. To reduce the cooking time of the soup, it is necessary to properly prepare the…

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  • Semolina porridge with carrot

    Semolina porridge with carrot

    Today we are cooking not quite the usual semolina porridge with carrot. Enhanced with carrots, it not only acquires a bright color but also a pleasant taste. The porridge can be confidently given to babies under one year old, although adults will not refuse such a treat. The main thing is to choose a high-quality,…

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  • Russian semolina porridge

    Russian semolina porridge

    Each of us has eaten russian semolina porridge at least once in a lifetime. If it so happened that since childhood you have a strong dislike for it, then most likely, by cooking it yourself, your opinion will change. We will tell you how to cook the perfect semolina porridge without lumps.

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  • Barley porridge with meat

    Barley porridge with meat

    Barley porridge with meat cooked in the oven is delicious, nutritious, and crumbly. The secret to appetizing porridge lies in the preliminary soaking and subsequent rinsing of the grain to get rid of excess starch, which makes the dish sticky and slippery. Try to cook barley porridge with meat in the oven correctly, and it…

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  • Breakfast rice porridge

    Breakfast rice porridge

    If you are tired of having simple Breakfast rice porridge, try making porridge with apples. It turns out to be a very quick and delicious dish that both children and adults will like.

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  • Homemade noodles for soup

    Homemade noodles for soup

    Homemade noodles for soup are perfect for making dishes. The tough dough, kneaded without adding water, is resistant to soaking in the finished soup. And because you can roll out the dough without adding flour, the broth remains clear. The main thing is that our noodles have only three main ingredients: egg, flour, and salt.

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