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  • Watermelon and feta salad

    Watermelon and feta salad

    Today's dish will be appreciated by those who like unusual flavor combinations. We are preparing a healthy watermelon and feta salad. Juicy, bright, sophisticated.

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  • Shrimp salad with lettuce

    Shrimp salad with lettuce

    A beautiful and light shrimp salad with lettuce for a romantic evening or a friendly party looks very appetizing and contains very few calories. At the same time, the dish does not require much time and effort to prepare, and portioned serving in a glass cremank or glass looks very elegant and festive. The key…

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  • No bread pizza

    No bread pizza

    Don't know what else to cook during zucchini season? No bread pizza turns out to be very tasty and juicy. Its fragrant filling will definitely not leave anyone indifferent.

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  • Crunchy chicken drumsticks

    Crunchy chicken drumsticks

    Crunchy chicken drumsticks are very tender inside and slightly crispy on the outside. They closely resemble the famous KFC drumsticks. However, our recipe calls for baking them in the oven, not frying in deep fat, so they are much less caloric. Feel free to indulge in this dish if you are following a healthy diet…

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  • Cottage cheese pancakes with protein

    Cottage cheese pancakes with protein

    You can’t forbid tasty eating, even on a diet. Today on the table are golden brown cottage cheese pancakes with protein without sugar. Tender, soft, protein-rich.

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  • Raspberry panna cotta

    Raspberry panna cotta

    Raspberry panna cotta is an incredibly delicate dessert based on heavy cream. We offer you a healthy panna cotta recipe that is suitable for those who watch their figure. Such a delicious and simple dessert will not add extra inches to your waist, so you can safely prepare it every day.

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  • Cold cucumber soup

    Cold cucumber soup

    Cold cucumber soup is a real find for a hot summer day. It is made with natural kefir and does not require cooking. Adding fresh herbs and spices gives the dish aroma and piquancy, and the light sourness is refreshing.

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  • Mandarin orange chicken salad

    Mandarin orange chicken salad

    Today we are making mandarin orange chicken salad. The combination is unusual, but the dish turns out very juicy, light, and memorable. The recipe is simple and does not require special culinary skills.

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  • Shakshuka breakfast

    Shakshuka breakfast

    Shakshuka is a dish for a bright start of the day. In just 15 minutes we will prepare a real oriental breakfast. The aroma of spices is indescribable, and the taste of fried eggs is rich and varied.Be sure to try it!

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  • French beef bourguignon

    French beef bourguignon

    Beef Bourguignon (Beef burgundy) is a dish originally from France, but it is widely known and loved beyond its borders. In most truly French recipes, wine is necessarily present, and today is no exception. Tender stew with vegetables in wine sauce is on the table. The taste and aroma are unique and depend on the type…

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