• Plum pie

    Plum pie

    Today we will prepare a plum pie. A porous, airy classic pastry with the addition of fruit is a versatile dish that will be appreciated by both family and guests. It is quick and easy to prepare from ingredients that everyone has.

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  • Semolina plum cake

    Semolina plum cake

    Semolina cake is a type of everyday baking. The pie is simple but very tasty. It is made without adding wheat flour. Today we have semolina plum cake on the table. Soft, fluffy, aromatic, with a pleasant sourness of plums.

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  • Egg and onion pie

    Egg and onion pie

    Today we are cooking a delicious snack pie. You won't even need an oven. Everything is quick and simple. On the table is a egg and onion pie on sour cream in a frying pan.

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  • Blackcurrant pie

    Blackcurrant pie

    Today we are preparing a delicious blackcurrant pie in the oven. Crispy crumbly dough, tender curd filling, juicy aromatic berry.

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  • Garlic butter dinner rolls

    Garlic butter dinner rolls

    Today we are making a garlic butter dinner rolls. The dough turns out soft, fluffy, fragrant, without the specific smell and aftertaste of yeast. We suggest a garlic filling, but you can take absolutely any filling, both savory and sweet, and make the pie using the same principle.

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  • Ossetian pie with cheese and spring onion

    Ossetian pie with cheese and spring onion

    Today we have an Ossetian pie with cheese and spring onion on the table. It is a flatbread made from yeast dough with a cheese filling. The dish is simple but very tasty. It is suitable both as a snack and for tea time. You can use any cheese or combination of cheeses if you…

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  • Semolina lemon cake

    Semolina lemon cake

    Semolina lemon cake is a very tasty, quick, and easy-to-make pie. This time, we will add just one ingredient to the usual recipe, which will greatly transform the taste and aroma of the pastry. We are talking about lemon zest. Everyone who likes citrus notes in desserts will really like this version of the semolina…

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  • Poppy seed pie with custard filling

    Poppy seed pie with custard filling

    Both children and adults love poppy seed pie with custard filling, but often there are disappointingly few fragrant seeds in the dessert. This recipe will not disappoint fans of poppy seed cakes. It combines a delicate crispy crust made from shortcrust pastry with a rich creamy poppy seed filling in a wonderfully harmonious way.

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  • Beet and chocolate cake

    Beet and chocolate cake

    Today we are making a super mega beet and chocolate cake. No one will guess this secret ingredient, but it is what gives the pastry an unusual flavor and dark color. Surprised? You definitely need to try this.

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  • Pear pie in multicooker

    Pear pie in multicooker

    Pear pie in a multicooker is an incredibly tender pastry that is sure to please everyone! Today we will prepare it in a multicooker. This recipe uses the autumn pear variety 'Forest Beauty'. Its fruits are distinguished by a rich aroma, as well as sweet and juicy flesh.

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  • Meat and potato pie

    Meat and potato pie

    Today we are preparing a hearty and delicious meat and potato pie. Adding potatoes to the filling makes it juicy. If desired, you can use mushrooms, vegetables, fish as a filling. Such a meat pie is good to serve on the festive table as an appetizer, and it is also convenient to take with you…

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  • Apple and cinnamon strudel

    Apple and cinnamon strudel

    Puff pastry becomes a real lifesaver when you want to treat your family to quick homemade baking. Apple and cinnamon strudel is a quick and budget-friendly dish. Even a beginner cook can prepare the real German pastry according to our recipe.

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