• Tomato bacon soup

    Tomato bacon soup

    Hot tomato bacon soup is especially relevant in the cold when you really want warmth. This recipe is another variation on the theme of such soups. The base will be tomato paste and it is very important that it is thick and rich. Minimum ingredients and time, and as a result, you get a healthy…

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  • Apple puree

    Apple puree

    When the apple harvest is actively being collected, many housewives are puzzled by the preservation of this fruit for the winter. Today on the table is apple puree for the winter at home. A few jars of such a treat will be very helpful in winter when you want something sweet. Apple puree can be…

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  • Canned rhubarb

    Canned rhubarb

    Today we are preparing an undeservedly forgotten, but very useful and tasty plant. So, on the table is canned rhubarb. Its distinctive and unusual taste will be appreciated by gourmets. The jam is interesting, tart. It goes very well with tea.

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  • Plum jam with chocolate

    Plum jam with chocolate

    It's very easy to turn the usual plum jam into an exquisite dessert. Today we are making plum jam with chocolate for winter. Delicate, aromatic, super chocolatey.

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  • Squash caviar

    Squash caviar

    Do you like squash caviar, but don't want to stand at the stove for a long time? This recipe will save you time and surprise you with its result. Zucchini caviar with tomatoes and carrots always turns out very tasty. It requires a minimal amount of vegetable oil, so it can also be called dietary.

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  • Orange drizzle cake

    Orange drizzle cake

    Today we are making a fragrant orange drizzle cake in a hurry. Everything is quick and easy, and the baking turns out soft, porous, with a slightly moist texture.

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  • Rum punch drink

    Rum punch drink

    Rum punch drink is a fruity alcoholic drink based on rum. It is a great addition to any party and will delight the eye with its beautiful presentation. There are many variations of making punch, we will tell you how to make a citrus punch based on freshly squeezed orange and mandarin juice. Punch is…

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  • Plum strudel

    Plum strudel

    Today we will make an incredible dish with puff pastry and fruit filling. Let”s make plum strudel. 5 minutes of work, half an hour of baking in the oven, and a delicious restaurant-level dessert on the table.

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  • Hot chocolate with cocoa powder

    Hot chocolate with cocoa powder

    Hot chocolate with cocoa powder is a fairly simple recipe that you can make at home. There are nuances that, if followed, will result in a delicious childhood warming drink on the table in just 5 minutes.

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  • Homemade gingerbread cookies

    Homemade gingerbread cookies

    Homemade gingerbread cookies are a great addition to tea on cold winter evenings. The cookies turn out incredibly delicious and tender, and everyone will love them. They can also be served on a festive table with holiday decorations. The cookies are very easy to make, so get your kids involved in cooking and decorating.

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  • Non alcoholic mulled wine

    Non alcoholic mulled wine

    Today we are making non alcoholic mulled wine. This aromatic and spicy drink is perfect for warming up cold winter evenings. We will tell you how to make its non-alcoholic version, which is great for the whole family.

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  • German mulled wine

    German mulled wine

    Let"s make german mulled wine with the addition of spices. The drink is served hot, so it is perfect for warming up on cold winter evenings. We will tell you how to make mulled wine with oranges, honey, and spices.

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