yeast dough

  • Puff pastry with yeast

    Puff pastry with yeast

    Today we will make puff pastry with yeast at home. Homemade dough can never be compared with store-bought. It's soft, fluffy, and smells like butter. Perfect for buns, pies, pizza.

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  • Homemade boiled bagels

    Homemade boiled bagels

    Homemade boiled bagels is a bun made of yeast dough, cooked in a special way. First, the products are boiled, and then baked in the oven. Due to this, they have a ruddy crust and a very tender crumb. Bagels are usually stuffed by cutting them into two parts. Both sweet and salty foods can…

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  • Rainbow crepes

    Rainbow crepes

    A rainbow crepes on a plate looks impressive and original. If there are children in the family, they will be especially delighted with such unusual pancakes. And to prepare a multicolored dessert, you do not need harmful dyes. All coloring ingredients are not only absolutely natural but also very healthy.

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  • Bread with seeds

    Bread with seeds

    Homemade baking always remains the tastiest and most beneficial. Yeast bread with seeds baked in the oven is free from preservatives and other additives that you would not want to have on your table. For the bread, you can use either high-grade or first-grade flour.

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  • Ossetian pie with cheese and spring onion

    Ossetian pie with cheese and spring onion

    Today we have an Ossetian pie with cheese and spring onion on the table. It is a flatbread made from yeast dough with a cheese filling. The dish is simple but very tasty. It is suitable both as a snack and for tea time. You can use any cheese or combination of cheeses if you…

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  • Upside down caramel cake

    Upside down caramel cake

    If you love the fragrant sweet caramel, then this cake is for you. Soft yeast dough, partly soaked in the most delicious honey caramel, with a light aroma of cinnamon and ginger. It's upside down caramel cake.

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  • Pizza with sausage recipe

    Pizza with sausage recipe

    Pizza with sausage recipe is a great option for lovers of spicy pizza. The light smoky aroma of the sausages, the combination of two Italian cheeses, and the spicy aftertaste will leave no one indifferent. It is very simple to prepare and does not require special culinary skills.

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  • Ossetian pie with ground beef

    Ossetian pie with ground beef

    Ossetian pie is a pastry made from yeast dough with a variety of fillings. Today we are preparing an Ossetian pie with ground beef in the oven. The dish is hearty and delicious.

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  • Pizza dough from scratch

    Pizza dough from scratch

    One of the most popular dishes in the world is undoubtedly pizza. But few know how to make a truly delicious Italian pizza dough from scratch at home.

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  • Homemade pizza rolls

    Homemade pizza rolls

    Tired of the usual pizza? Make it in a new way. Homemade pizza rolls looks attractive, and its pieces are convenient to eat. The ingredients are the same, but the presentation and shaping are completely different, making the dish interesting and unusual.

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  • Pizza canape

    Pizza canape

    Today we offer your attention a very original way of serving pizza, pizza canape The idea is to thread all the ingredients that you usually put in pizza onto wooden skewers and bake in the oven. For variety, you can add rings of onions, olives, pieces of chicken, seafood. It turns out beautiful and unusual.…

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  • Homemade almond croissants

    Homemade almond croissants

    Today for dessert there will be incredibly delicious and aromatic homemade almond croissants. Just imagine, soft dough and a delicate filling inside. If you can't find almond flour, you can easily make it yourself. Just peel the almonds, dry them in the oven or in a pan, and grind them in a coffee grinder. At…

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