• Сottage cheese souffle

    Сottage cheese souffle

    We offer a recipe for the most delicate dessert that the whole family will definitely like. We are preparing a cottage cheese souffle. It is perfect for breakfast, as a late dinner or a light snack.

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  • Banana cheesecake

    Banana cheesecake

    Today we are preparing a tender and light dessert, an airy homemade banana cheesecake. It's convenient that everything can be done quickly and without baking. The base is a crust made from shortbread cookies, topped with a layer of cottage cheese cream with pieces of banana. On a hot day, you can put the dessert…

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  • Bananas in caramel

    Bananas in caramel

    Today we will prepare a delicious fruit dessert from just 3 ingredients. Fried bananas in caramel on the table. The whole process will take no more than 5 minutes. Serve the dessert hot, complemented by ice cream, which begins to melt from contact with hot caramel. It's incredibly delicious, be sure to try.

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  • Banana mousse

    Banana mousse

    Today we are making a tender banana mousse with gelatin. It is soft and airy, like a cloud, and incredibly fragrant. If you use ripe bananas, you won’t need to add sugar, which makes the dish attractive to those who watch their diet. This exquisite and delicate dessert can be prepared for a festive table.

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  • Healthy banana brownies

    Healthy banana brownies

    Brownies are a favorite dessert for many. Unfortunately, it is a very high-calorie dish, so not everyone can afford it. Today we suggest you make healthy banana brownies. Of course, it will not taste the same as the original, but it will not add extra inches to your waist.

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  • Cottage cheese banana pancakes

    Cottage cheese banana pancakes

    Today we will diversify the breakfast menu and prepare a very tasty dish – cottage cheese banana pancakes. This dish will be especially enjoyed by sweet tooth and children.

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  • Choco banana strudel with puff pastry

    Choco banana strudel with puff pastry

    Strudel is a popular German dessert. Today we will deviate from the traditional classic version with apple. We will make a choco banana strudel with puff pastry. Incredibly aromatic and very tasty.

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  • Fluffy banana pancakes

    Fluffy banana pancakes

    Today we will teach you how to cook delicious and fragrant banana pancakes. We are sure that your family will be delighted, and you will have a recipe for making a quick breakfast in your piggy bank.

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  • Moist banana cake

    Moist banana cake

    Today we are cooking banana cake in the oven. Baking with bananas is a win-win dessert option. It is always delicious and just unrealistically fragrant. The key to success is the presence of overripe, sometimes even blackened, bananas. Their taste is more intense. This cake belongs to the category of «shifters», that is, after baking…

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  • Banana coffee latte

    Banana coffee latte

    Today we will prepare a banana latte. If you like sweet coffee, then you will definitely like this drink. Banana is perfectly combined with coffee, gives a stringiness and additional flavor. Banana latte is served cold, so it can be safely classified as a cocktail.

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  • Banoffee cheesecake

    Banoffee cheesecake

    Banoffee pie is a pie with bananas, caramel and cream. As a basis, shortbread dough is used, which in the version of this dessert without baking can be replaced with cookies. Dessert is served immediately, so it can be a great option when there is no time at all. The pie is hearty, delicious and…

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  • Easy banana pudding

    Easy banana pudding

    Today we are preparing delicate and flavored dessert for banana lovers. Banana pudding is on the table. A variety of flavors and textures will not leave anyone indifferent.

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