• Sour cream cake

    Sour cream cake

    Today we will prepare a simple homemade cake with a “telling” name. Sour cream is present both in the cakes and in the cream. Soft, moist, well-soaked. Sour cream cake at home on the table.

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  • Chocolate mille crepe cake

    Chocolate mille crepe cake

    Yeast pancakes are tasty, but quite ordinary. If you want to surprise your guests or loved ones with an original pancake dessert, then a chocolate mille crepe cake is the perfect choice.

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  • Beet and chocolate cake

    Beet and chocolate cake

    Today we are making a super mega beet and chocolate cake. No one will guess this secret ingredient, but it is what gives the pastry an unusual flavor and dark color. Surprised? You definitely need to try this.

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  • Christmas plum cake

    Christmas plum cake

    Today we are making a christmas plum cake. Note that there are no eggs or dairy products in the composition, so the dessert can be considered fasting. The cake turns out soft, rich and diverse in taste.

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  • Walnut raisin cake

    Walnut raisin cake

    Add walnuts and raisins to the pie and get a new and incredibly delicious dessert. Baking with sour cream always turns out to be especially tender, and raisins and nuts give the pie an unusual but bright and unforgettable taste and aroma. Let's make a walnut raisin cake.

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  • Orange drizzle cake

    Orange drizzle cake

    Today we are making a fragrant orange drizzle cake in a hurry. Everything is quick and easy, and the baking turns out soft, porous, with a slightly moist texture.

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  • Pumpkin cake with sour cream

    Pumpkin cake with sour cream

    Today we are making a pumpkin cake with sour cream. It is so aromatic and warming. You can't even taste the pumpkin, but you get all the benefits of this sunny vegetable.

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  • No bake peach cheesecake

    No bake peach cheesecake

    Today we will make an incredibly tender dessert, a no bake peach cheesecake. The cheesecake is light and very tasty. It is made without baking. If you let the dessert sit in the freezer for an hour before serving, it will resemble an ice cream cake.

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  • Raspberry bakewell cake

    Raspberry bakewell cake

    Today we are preparing a fragrant raspberry bakewell cake. A great variant of simple baking for tea. The dough on sour cream and vegetable oil is kneaded in just a minute. The structure is porous, slightly moist.

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  • Moist banana cake

    Moist banana cake

    Today we are cooking banana cake in the oven. Baking with bananas is a win-win dessert option. It is always delicious and just unrealistically fragrant. The key to success is the presence of overripe, sometimes even blackened, bananas. Their taste is more intense. This cake belongs to the category of «shifters», that is, after baking…

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  • Homemade carrot cake

    Homemade carrot cake

    Today we cook carrot cate. Carrots are very seldom used in the preparation of desserts, but those who have ever tried this cake for a long time admire its unique taste. The process is very simple, and the main condition is to choose elastic, juicy and sweet carrots. Carrots should be delicious, then the carrot…

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  • Basic sponge cake

    Basic sponge cake

    Today we cook sponge cake on condensed milk. If you are in search of the perfect biscuit, our recipe will be a useful find for you. It always turns out. The sponge cake is soft, porous, with a delicate aroma of condensed milk. It can be used as a base for a cake or served…

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