• Breakfast crepes with eggs

    Breakfast crepes with eggs

    A hearty and delicious dish made from just three main ingredients is exactly what you need for a full breakfast. Tender breakfast crepes with eggs lift your spirits and energize you from the morning.

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  • Cheese waffles

    Cheese waffles

    Cook waffles dough the night before, and in the morning please your family with fresh, warm pastries. Waffles can be baked without oil, made sweet or savory, with the addition of vegetables, nuts or seeds, fruits or berries. Today we are making cheese waffles in a waffle maker. They are delicious just like that, but…

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  • Cream cheese chicken soup

    Cream cheese chicken soup

    Cheese soup with chicken and potatoes will definitely be liked by your child, so feel free to cook this first course for lunch for the whole family. The soup turns out to be fragrant, hearty and very tasty, and the added processed cheese gives it a delicate creamy taste. Such a soup is very simple…

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  • Cheese flatbread

    Cheese flatbread

    If you need to quickly come up with something for breakfast, the recipe for cheese flatbreads will help. We prepare cheese flatbreads on kefir in a pan. They are delicious to serve with soup instead of bread, they are convenient to take with you for a snack.

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  • Homemade mozzarella sticks

    Homemade mozzarella sticks

    Let's prepare crispy sticks with homemade mozzarella sticks. A whole plate of treats will definitely please your loved ones or unexpected guests. The dish remains tasty even the next day. You just need to reheat the sticks in the microwave.

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  • Buckwheat casserole

    Buckwheat casserole

    If you don’t like buckwheat porridge but are convinced of the need for its regular consumption, try preparing a dish according to our recipe. Buckwheat casserole in the oven with vegetables, mushrooms, and chicken fillet will change your attitude towards the healthy cereal for the better.

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  • Chicken broccoli potato casserole

    Chicken broccoli potato casserole

    An appetizing trio of chicken with potatoes and broccoli with the most delicious egg and sour cream filling and under a golden crust of cheese will definitely not leave you indifferent. The chicken broccoli potato casserole is not only extremely simple to prepare, but also very satisfying. In addition, even those who do not like…

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  • Meat nests with mushrooms and cheese

    Meat nests with mushrooms and cheese

    Today's dish is a great alternative to cutlets, we are preparing meat nests with mushrooms and cheese. Everything is simple, delicious, and beautiful.

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  • Chicken broccoli cheese casserole

    Chicken broccoli cheese casserole

    A delicious, hearty and healthy chicken broccoli cheese casserole will appeal even to those who generally do not like broccoli. It turns out incredibly tender and juicy. A wonderful cheese crust and bright cherry tomato wedges make the casserole even more appetizing, and a mixture of Provencal herbs adds an incredible, bright aroma to the…

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  • Arborio rice risotto with mushrooms

    Arborio rice risotto with mushrooms

    Arborio rice risotto with mushrooms is a well-known Italian dish. We suggest cooking it with champignons, which perfectly complement its creamy taste. The risotto turns out to be very tender and creamy.

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  • Spaghetti in creamy cheese sauce

    Spaghetti in creamy cheese sauce

    Spaghetti in creamy cheese sauce is the perfect Italian-style lunch. This dish is very simple and quick to prepare, and the result will exceed your expectations. You can use absolutely any type of pasta.

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  • Cheesy cauliflower casserole with salmon

    Cheesy cauliflower casserole with salmon

    Everyone knows about the benefits of cauliflower, but many, especially children, do not really like dishes made from this vegetable. A cheesy cauliflower casserole with salmon will definitely change the opinion of many. If you bake the cauliflower in the oven with red fish under a cheese sauce, the number of its fans in your…

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