• Chicken vegetable paella

    Chicken vegetable paella

    Paella is a bright and nutritious dish of Spanish cuisine. It's a great option for a family dinner, friendly gatherings, or a celebration. Today we have chicken vegetable paella in a pan with the addition of aromatic spices. Such a dish, cooked at home, will delight all guests and family members.

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  • Baked chicken with rice

    Baked chicken with rice

    Today we will prepare a very tasty and complete dinner for the whole family. On the table is baked chicken with rice. The added vegetables make the rice rich in flavor.

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  • Asian chicken

    Asian chicken

    Fans of Asian cuisine will surely enjoy the light, quick to prepare, and very tasty asian chicken that enlivens the bland taste of lean fillet. The meat gives the dish satiety, vegetables give it freshness and color, and spices guarantee a bright taste.

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  • Mustard mayo chicken

    Mustard mayo chicken

    Mustard mayo chicken drumsticks in the oven – a tasty and satisfying dish suitable for any occasion. The meat on the bone turns out very tender and juicy. It's not difficult to prepare the drumsticks.

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  • Korean chicken ramen

    Korean chicken ramen

    Spicy, hot, with a pronounced taste and aroma, korean chicken ramen with egg will give a feeling of satiety and pleasure from the food consumed. The Korean recipe for this dish contains onions, garlic, and hot pepper, giving a rich aroma and spiciness. It also necessarily includes an egg and instant noodles. All other ingredients…

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  • Russian soup with beetroot and corn

    Russian soup with beetroot and corn

    Russian soup with beetroot and corn can be cooked on different bases. For economy – even on beef or chicken soup set. But it is especially tasty with a large amount of meat on chicken breast.

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  • Chicken cheese soup

    Chicken cheese soup

    Today for lunch is a very simple and delicious soup that will definitely be appreciated by all family members — both children and adults. The highlight of the recipe is the cheese balls. We are preparing chicken cheese soup.

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  • Homemade chicken sausage

    Homemade chicken sausage

    Today we will learn how to cook dairy homemade chicken sausage. It's all very simple, and the result is stunning. Soft, tender, and incredibly tasty sausages without any chemical additives and flavor enhancers. The tenderness is ensured by preparing the minced meat with the addition of milk and butter, and the right set of spices…

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  • Cream cheese chicken soup

    Cream cheese chicken soup

    Cheese soup with chicken and potatoes will definitely be liked by your child, so feel free to cook this first course for lunch for the whole family. The soup turns out to be fragrant, hearty and very tasty, and the added processed cheese gives it a delicate creamy taste. Such a soup is very simple…

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  • Homemade chicken and rice soup

    Homemade chicken and rice soup

    We offer a recipe for a very simple, but delicious and appetizing first course for the whole family. Today we are cooking homemade chicken and rice soup. It can be cooked both on lean broth and on water, we will cook on chicken broth.

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  • Buckwheat soup

    Buckwheat soup

    We offer you to cook a very simple and delicious soup that will be liked not only by children but also by their parents. Buckwheat soup with chicken and potatoes is light, but at the same time very satisfying. Such a first course can already be boldly prepared for toddlers from a year old, as…

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  • Chicken shish kabobs

    Chicken shish kabobs

    We prepare chicken shish kabobs in a pan on skewers. To enjoy fragrant and juicy skewers, it is not necessary to go out into nature and light a barbecue. With the right choice of meat, marinade, and cooking method, you can get a result that is as close to the original as possible.

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