comfort food

  • Cottage cheese crepes

    Cottage cheese crepes

    Delicious, tender cottage cheese crepes cooked with a minimum amount of oil can be a full meal for breakfast or snack at any age. Cottage cheese is a source of calcium and phosphorus, and the pancakes themselves are suppliers of simple carbohydrates and easily digestible animal proteins. To make thin pancakes tender, thin, and not…

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  • Korean chicken ramen

    Korean chicken ramen

    Spicy, hot, with a pronounced taste and aroma, korean chicken ramen with egg will give a feeling of satiety and pleasure from the food consumed. The Korean recipe for this dish contains onions, garlic, and hot pepper, giving a rich aroma and spiciness. It also necessarily includes an egg and instant noodles. All other ingredients…

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  • Raisin muffins

    Raisin muffins

    Raisin muffins are very tender and simply melt in your mouth. They are easy to make, so feel free to prepare this dessert for a family tea party or when guests come over

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  • Cabbage crepes

    Cabbage crepes

    For pancake lovers, today we suggest experimenting and making cabbage crepes. The usual-looking thin pancakes turn out to be quite unusual, with a distinctly expressed taste and aroma of cabbage. They are soft, so they are quite suitable for wrapping. You can put meat or cheese filling inside. But it's also delicious to eat them…

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  • Carrot ginger soup recipe

    Carrot ginger soup recipe

    Carrot ginger soup recipe is a simple and delicious dish that you must try when fresh carrots are available. Our recipe offers one of the easiest variations of French carrot soup with onions and potatoes, seasoned with cream, parsley, ginger, and curry.

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  • Homemade cream of chicken soup

    Homemade cream of chicken soup

    Homemade cream of chicken soup is incredibly delicious, hearty, and surprisingly simple. It doesn"t require any special ingredients, and it takes less than an hour to prepare.

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  • Mashed potato fries

    Mashed potato fries

    Today we are making delicious and crispy mashed potato fries with cheese in a pan. This snack is perfect for a large company. Be sure to try it!

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  • Crispy baked chicken drumsticks

    Crispy baked chicken drumsticks

    Everyone loves crispy chicken. However, these dishes are quite high in calories, as they are fried in a large amount of oil. Our healthy recipe contained few changes to the traditional recipe, and the calorie figure will be significantly reduced. Today on the table crispy baked chicken drumsticks. It turns out tender juicy meat and…

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  • Pan fried potatoes and onions

    Pan fried potatoes and onions

    Today we cooking pan fried potatoes and onions. The dish can be served both as an independent dish and as a side dish for meat or fish. Thanks to stewing in sour cream, the potatoes turn out tender and very tasty. Also, the recipe will help out when there are already cooked potatoes in the…

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  • Semolina cake recipe

    Semolina cake recipe

    Semolina cake can be baked using any fermented milk product, but it can be especially tasty in sour cream. This dessert will be enjoyed by both adults and children. It’s prepared very simply and does not require any kitchen appliances. All ingredients are mixed with a whisk.

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  • Raisin buns

    Raisin buns

    Today we are cooking soft inside and crispy outside, very tasty French raisin buns. Thanks to the custard, they come out incredibly tender and fragrant. An unusual method of lubricating almost finished products with sugar syrup provides a crisp crust. They are so delicate and refined that there is no doubt that this pastry comes…

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  • Cottage cheese pancakes recipe

    Cottage cheese pancakes recipe

    Today we are preparing a dessert for fans of coconut flavor – coconut cottage cheese pancakes. When they are fried, the aroma is simply indescribable. There is a delicate curd layer under the crispy toasted chips. This is truly a heavenly delight.

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