• Beetroot walnut salad

    Beetroot walnut salad

    No festive event is complete without appetizers. This simple and light beetroot walnut salad will not only benefit your body but also decorate any table. The successful combination of all ingredients will give the appetizer a sophisticated and delicate taste, while fresh garlic cloves will add a light piquancy to the salad.

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  • Lazy dumplings with minced meat

    Lazy dumplings with minced meat

    Today we suggest cooking lazy dumplings with minced meat. But it will not take a lot of time and effort to mold them. We make a lazy version of everyone's favorite homemade dish.

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  • Lavash bread pizza

    Lavash bread pizza

    Today we will prepare a simplified version of pizza. We will take thin Armenian lavash as a base and make several layers out of it. But the filling will be a bit unusual because of the presence of arugula. The taste of this rather piquant greenery will become softer when cooked and will really liven…

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  • Greek yogurt bark

    Greek yogurt bark

    Very easy to prepare low-calorie Greek yogurt bark. Almost like ice cream. For this delicious treat, natural Greek yogurt will work, both homemade and store-bought.

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  • Homemade fettuccine Alfredo

    Homemade fettuccine Alfredo

    Fettuccine Alfredo is a simple yet refined dish. It's impossible not to fall in love with the delicate creamy taste. The original recipe uses Parmesan cheese, but similar ones can be used, for example, Maasdam. So, regular mac and cheese can easily be prepared and served as in the best restaurants.

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  • Strammer max

    Strammer max

    If you decide to visit Germany, then for sure you will be offered pork with egg for breakfast. The dish is nourishing, tasty and beautiful. An interesting presentation in the form of small muffins makes a simple breakfast in composition and preparation unusual and refined. So, if you want to surprise your loved ones, instead…

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  • Raspberry bakewell cake

    Raspberry bakewell cake

    Today we are preparing a fragrant raspberry bakewell cake. A great variant of simple baking for tea. The dough on sour cream and vegetable oil is kneaded in just a minute. The structure is porous, slightly moist.

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  • Spinach rice

    Spinach rice

    Today we are preparing a healthy side dish of rice, spinach rice on the table. The cooking method is as simple as possible, even a beginner cook can cope. This side dish is perfect for meat, fish and vegetables. Adding herbs and spices will give the usual cereal a bright green color and change the…

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  • Squid with rice noodles

    Squid with rice noodles

    Squid with rice noodles are on the table today. Noodles is well combined with seafood. It takes only 10 minutes to prepare. The dish unites the sharpness of noodles with the delicate taste of squid meat. Asian cuisine lovers will definitely appreciate the recipe.

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  • Easy banana pudding

    Easy banana pudding

    Today we are preparing delicate and flavored dessert for banana lovers. Banana pudding is on the table. A variety of flavors and textures will not leave anyone indifferent.

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  • Russian blini

    Russian blini

    Russian blini with milk are a traditional dish of Slavic culture. Be sure to follow all the recommendations in the recipe and observe the correct proportions. You will get perfect blini!

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  • Danish hot dogs

    Danish hot dogs

    Today we are cooking a Danish hot dogs. Here everything is as simple as possible: a bun, a sausage, a pickled cucumber and fried crispy onions. Exactly the latter component gives the dish an original unusual taste.

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