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  • Cottage cheese crepes

    Cottage cheese crepes

    Delicious, tender cottage cheese crepes cooked with a minimum amount of oil can be a full meal for breakfast or snack at any age. Cottage cheese is a source of calcium and phosphorus, and the pancakes themselves are suppliers of simple carbohydrates and easily digestible animal proteins. To make thin pancakes tender, thin, and not…

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  • Sour cream cookies

    Sour cream cookies

    Homemade sour cream cookies in the oven have a taste of childhood. It is especially convenient that you can use dairy products that are past their expiration date. This is a very tasty way to ‘recycle’ sour cream that has already spoiled.

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  • Healthy breakfast souffle

    Healthy breakfast souffle

    We offer you a very simple and quick recipe for the most delicate dessert.Healthy breakfast souffle on the table. Such a dish can be confidently prepared for your children, as cottage cheese is very healthy. The sugar content here is minimal, so even those who are watching their figure can enjoy this dish. However, if…

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  • Old fashioned baked apples

    Old fashioned baked apples

    Old fashioned baked apples are a very delicious dessert. Today we have apples with filling, we are preparing baked apples with honey and nuts. The pulp is saturated with aromatic liquid from the inside, which makes the dish simply incredible. The dessert is low in calories, and if you exclude butter from the ingredients, it…

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  • Raisin muffins

    Raisin muffins

    Raisin muffins are very tender and simply melt in your mouth. They are easy to make, so feel free to prepare this dessert for a family tea party or when guests come over

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  • Syrniki with cottage cheese and chocolate

    Syrniki with cottage cheese and chocolate

    Syrniki with cottage cheese and chocolate are a real find for both chocolate lovers and those who are not very fond of the taste of cottage cheese. Be sure to prepare syrniki according to this recipe. They turn out to be very tender, airy, and fluffy and are perfect for breakfast.

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  • Vanilla muffins

    Vanilla muffins

    Today we are making vanilla muffins in the oven. They turn out soft and tender, and are very quick to make from the most accessible ingredients. Take note of this recipe and be sure to please your family with delicious baked goods for tea!

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  • Carrot souffle recipe

    Carrot souffle recipe

    Souffle is a delicate, light, and airy dessert. And carrot souffle recipee is not only tasty but also very healthy. The orange color lifts the spirits, and the taste and texture… It's simply indescribable, you must try it.

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  • Buckwheat soup

    Buckwheat soup

    We offer you to cook a very simple and delicious soup that will be liked not only by children but also by their parents. Buckwheat soup with chicken and potatoes is light, but at the same time very satisfying. Such a first course can already be boldly prepared for toddlers from a year old, as…

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  • Chicken souffle

    Chicken souffle

    If your child doesn't like to eat anything meaty, try offering them a сhicken souffle. It turns out tender and very tasty, so it can be liked even by the most finicky. It can be cooked in any small molds, small silicone molds or muffin tins are perfect. The souffle can simply be served with…

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  • Rainbow crepes

    Rainbow crepes

    A rainbow crepes on a plate looks impressive and original. If there are children in the family, they will be especially delighted with such unusual pancakes. And to prepare a multicolored dessert, you do not need harmful dyes. All coloring ingredients are not only absolutely natural but also very healthy.

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  • Semolina porridge with carrot

    Semolina porridge with carrot

    Today we are cooking not quite the usual semolina porridge with carrot. Enhanced with carrots, it not only acquires a bright color but also a pleasant taste. The porridge can be confidently given to babies under one year old, although adults will not refuse such a treat. The main thing is to choose a high-quality,…

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