• Wild strawberry vareniki

    Wild strawberry vareniki

    Today we are making wild strawberry vareniki. It's simply impossible to resist the taste and aroma of the forest berry. So, if you are lucky enough to gather or purchase these berries, we highly recommend making dumplings with wild strawberries. The dough is made with boiling water, it's soft, but at the same time it…

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  • Dumplings with strawberries

    Dumplings with strawberries

    For strawberry lovers, we recommend preparing delicious, fragrant dumplings with strawberries for dessert. The dough is thin and elastic, does not tear and holds the berry juice inside well. You can use both fresh and frozen berries

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  • Strawberry yogurt cake

    Strawberry yogurt cake

    Today we are preparing an easy no-bake dessert, a strawberry yogurt cake. It has a sandy cookie base, fresh strawberries, and a delicate yogurt jelly. The cake looks impressive when cut and will be a great treat, especially on a hot day. And the hostesses will appreciate the simplicity and speed of preparation.

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  • Strawberry roulade

    Strawberry roulade

    Strawberry roulade with cream filling is a very delicate pastry that is very simple to prepare. Fresh berries perfectly complement the cream made from cottage cheese and cream.

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  • Chocolate panna cotta

    Chocolate panna cotta

    Panna Cotta is an Italian dessert made with cream, gelatin, and sugar. But today we have a slightly non-traditional recipe, chocolate panna cotta with strawberries. Some tricks will allow you to surprise not only with the appearance but also with the taste.

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  • Strawberry panna cotta

    Strawberry panna cotta

    Strawberry panna cotta from natural yogurt is one of the variations of the most popular Italian dessert. Its traditional recipe uses heavy cream. But for those who like lighter and not overly sweet souffle, an alternative was invented – to replace the cream with plain yogurt. This dessert will undoubtedly be appreciated by both children…

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  • Strawberry tiramisu

    Strawberry tiramisu

    Today we are making a delicious summer variation of the well-known dessert tiramisu. On the table is strawberry tiramisu. The taste is fresh and summery. The dessert is delicate and light. The cream consists only of cottage cheese and cream, but if desired, you can make the traditional version with eggs.

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  • Strawberry milkshake with ice cream

    Strawberry milkshake with ice cream

    Milkshake is a popular drink made with milk, ice cream, and various fillings, usually in the form of berries and fruits. Today we will make a strawberry milkshake. It turns out to be smooth, fragrant, and very delicious.

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  • Fresh strawberry pie

    Fresh strawberry pie

    Today we are preparing a soft, fragrant, tasty strawberry pie. You can use both fresh and frozen berries to prepare dessert. Please note that our form is quite small. If you cook in a standard and round (size 22-24 cm), then you need to double the amount of ingredients.

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  • Strawberry oatmeal

    Strawberry oatmeal

    Our traditional strawberry oatmeal recipe turns out tender and flavorful. Strawberries add sweetness and brightness to the dish. This breakfast will lift your mood and provide your body with essential nutrients. Be sure to try it.

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  • No bake strawberry cheesecake

    No bake strawberry cheesecake

    Today we are preparing a delicious summer dessert with berries without baking. On the table is a strawberry cheesecake. The delicate ricotta filling harmonizes perfectly with the sweet berry. The recipe is suitable for both experienced and novice cooks.

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  • Homemade strawberry lemonade

    Homemade strawberry lemonade

    On hot days, you just can't do without refreshing strawberry lemonade. We will not leave you without a recipe for its preparation. In just 5 minutes you will have a delicious cocktail. The drink has a sprightly mint flavor, bright pink strawberry color and lemon freshness.

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