• Russian tea cakes

    Russian tea cakes

    Today we will prepare a simple homemade pastry – russian tea cakes. The specified amount of ingredients makes about 50 small-sized gingerbreads.

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  • Cream cheese cookies

    Cream cheese cookies

    Today we will prepare homemade cream cheese cookies. These tender cheese cookies are crispy on the outside and soft and creamy on the inside, melting in your mouth. They are perfect for those who want to delight their loved ones with a cheesy, simple dessert.

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  • Chocolate cherry cake

    Chocolate cherry cake

    Cherry and chocolate is one of the classic flavor combinations. Today's chocolate cherry cake is rich and aromatic. It is very simple and quick to prepare. The sponge is baked on a baking sheet in one go, which saves time.

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  • Syrniki with cottage cheese and chocolate

    Syrniki with cottage cheese and chocolate

    Syrniki with cottage cheese and chocolate are a real find for both chocolate lovers and those who are not very fond of the taste of cottage cheese. Be sure to prepare syrniki according to this recipe. They turn out to be very tender, airy, and fluffy and are perfect for breakfast.

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  • Baked apple rings

    Baked apple rings

    Baked apple rings in dough in the oven is a very tender pastry that combines juiciness and a crispy crust at the same time. Since it is made from store-bought puff pastry, it takes very little time to prepare. A very aromatic and moderately sweet dessert for tea will appear on the table, which is…

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  • Canned rhubarb

    Canned rhubarb

    Today we are preparing an undeservedly forgotten, but very useful and tasty plant. So, on the table is canned rhubarb. Its distinctive and unusual taste will be appreciated by gourmets. The jam is interesting, tart. It goes very well with tea.

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  • Cottage cheese apple pie

    Cottage cheese apple pie

    We offer you a recipe for simply amazing pastries. We bake a сottage cheese apple pie in the oven. It turns out to be very fluffy, tender, and fragrant. Perfect for a family tea party or when guests come! The pie is very simple to prepare and does not require a large number of ingredients.

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  • Fresh rhubarb pie

    Fresh rhubarb pie

    Rhubarb is an underused ingredient in cooking, which is a pity. The stalks have a sour taste and are packed with vitamins. It's very tasty to add the stalks to baked goods. Today we are making fresh rhubarb pie. Crispy sandy crumbs, a tender curd layer, and the sourness of rhubarb with a light aroma…

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  • Black forest cherry cake

    Black forest cherry cake

    Today we have an incredibly delicious black forest cherry cake on the table. The combination of rich chocolate sponge cake, whipped cream, and an abundance of cherries is simply indescribable pleasure.

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  • Chocolate cherry muffins

    Chocolate cherry muffins

    Today for dessert we will bake very soft and fluffy muffins from inexpensive ingredients. For the filling, we will use cherries (frozen or canned berries are suitable off-season). Chocolate cherry muffins prepared according to this recipe will be a wonderful treat for a home tea party or a small family celebration.

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  • Semolina porridge with carrot

    Semolina porridge with carrot

    Today we are cooking not quite the usual semolina porridge with carrot. Enhanced with carrots, it not only acquires a bright color but also a pleasant taste. The porridge can be confidently given to babies under one year old, although adults will not refuse such a treat. The main thing is to choose a high-quality,…

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  • Apple and orange cake

    Apple and orange cake

    The sweet fruity aroma of a sponge apple and orange cake, complemented by a warm note of vanilla, will add coziness to home gatherings. And the decor of dried citrus slices and fresh rowan berries will turn simple baking into a real festive pie.

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