Everyday food recipes

  • Bird cherry pancakes

    Bird cherry pancakes

    Bird cherry pancakes are an unexpected, but very tasty and fragrant alternative to the usual dessert. Adding ground bird cherry berries to the usual wheat flour gives the dough and its baked goods a very original almond note. And if you complement such pancakes with fragrant lemon cream, the family will ask to prepare them…

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  • Cottage cheese apple pie

    Cottage cheese apple pie

    We offer you a recipe for simply amazing pastries. We bake a сottage cheese apple pie in the oven. It turns out to be very fluffy, tender, and fragrant. Perfect for a family tea party or when guests come! The pie is very simple to prepare and does not require a large number of ingredients.

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  • Fresh rhubarb pie

    Fresh rhubarb pie

    Rhubarb is an underused ingredient in cooking, which is a pity. The stalks have a sour taste and are packed with vitamins. It’s very tasty to add the stalks to baked goods. Today we are making fresh rhubarb pie. Crispy sandy crumbs, a tender curd layer, and the sourness of rhubarb with a light aroma…

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  • Vegetarian borscht

    Vegetarian borscht

    Vegetarian borscht is no less delicious than the one made with meat broth. Such a light first course is perfect for fasting, as well as when there is no meat at home. Vegetarians will particularly appreciate this method of preparation.

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  • Homemade mozzarella sticks

    Homemade mozzarella sticks

    Let’s prepare crispy sticks with homemade mozzarella sticks. A whole plate of treats will definitely please your loved ones or unexpected guests. The dish remains tasty even the next day. You just need to reheat the sticks in the microwave.

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  • Buckwheat soup

    Buckwheat soup

    We offer you to cook a very simple and delicious soup that will be liked not only by children but also by their parents. Buckwheat soup with chicken and potatoes is light, but at the same time very satisfying. Such a first course can already be boldly prepared for toddlers from a year old, as…

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  • Сottage cheese souffle

    Сottage cheese souffle

    We offer a recipe for the most delicate dessert that the whole family will definitely like. We are preparing a cottage cheese souffle. It is perfect for breakfast, as a late dinner or a light snack.

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  • Chicken shish kabobs

    Chicken shish kabobs

    We prepare chicken shish kabobs in a pan on skewers. To enjoy fragrant and juicy skewers, it is not necessary to go out into nature and light a barbecue. With the right choice of meat, marinade, and cooking method, you can get a result that is as close to the original as possible.

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  • Black forest cherry cake

    Black forest cherry cake

    Today we have an incredibly delicious black forest cherry cake on the table. The combination of rich chocolate sponge cake, whipped cream, and an abundance of cherries is simply indescribable pleasure.

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  • Baked corn with butter

    Baked corn with butter

    Young corn is usually cooked in a way familiar to everyone, by boiling in salted water. However, baked corn with butter turns out to be much tastier and more interesting. Thanks to the butter, garlic, and spices, it becomes very fragrant and juicy.

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  • Ukrainian beetroot soup

    Ukrainian beetroot soup

    Ukrainian beetroot soup can be described in a few words – hearty, bright, healthy, and very fragrant. How is this traditional Ukrainian cuisine dish prepared? Here is a detailed photo recipe.

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  • Chocolate cherry muffins

    Chocolate cherry muffins

    Today for dessert we will bake very soft and fluffy muffins from inexpensive ingredients. For the filling, we will use cherries (frozen or canned berries are suitable off-season). Chocolate cherry muffins prepared according to this recipe will be a wonderful treat for a home tea party or a small family celebration.

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