Everyday food recipes

  • Homemade beef pastrami

    Homemade beef pastrami

    Homemade beef pastrami is a great option for a homemade snack. Perfect for sandwiches or as a meat platter. The beef turns out juicy, tender, and aromatic.

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  • Wild garlic salad with eggs

    Wild garlic salad with eggs

    In early spring, wild garlic appears on the shelves of stores and markets. It looks like lily of the valley leaves and tastes like young garlic. It is also known as bear’s onion or wild garlic. Wild garlic salad with eggs has a pleasant spiciness. It is excellent for replenishing the vitamin deficiency that we…

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  • Jam swiss roll

    Jam swiss roll

    Even with a minimum of ingredients, you can make an excellent tea-time dessert. Jam swiss roll in the oven is on the table. Any thick jam will do for the filling. Just a couple of minutes of baking, and it’s all ready. Quick, simple, and delicious.

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  • Cauliflower fritters

    Cauliflower fritters

    Today we are cooking juicy and fragrant patties. Despite the absence of meat in the composition, they turn out to be very tasty and satisfying. Cauliflower fritters on the table.

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  • Bulgur with vegetables

    Bulgur with vegetables

    Today we are cooking a purely vegetable dish that is even more satisfying and flavorful than many meat dishes. On the table is bulgur with vegetables. Pieces of eggplant can be mistaken for meat, so the dish is well suited for a hearty lunch or dinner, as well as for fasting.

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  • Baked carrot sticks

    Baked carrot sticks

    Baked carrot sticks will make a great snack. They can also be served as a side dish or as an addition to a side dish as a vegetable component. The dish is perfect for vegetarians or for consumption during fasting. Any sauce can be served with the carrots at your discretion, but the sticks themselves…

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  • Korean chicken ramen

    Korean chicken ramen

    Spicy, hot, with a pronounced taste and aroma, korean chicken ramen with egg will give a feeling of satiety and pleasure from the food consumed. The Korean recipe for this dish contains onions, garlic, and hot pepper, giving a rich aroma and spiciness. It also necessarily includes an egg and instant noodles. All other ingredients…

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  • Bulgarian bean soup (Bob chorba)

    Bulgarian bean soup (Bob chorba)

    Monastery-style chorba is a Bulgarian bean soup (bob chorba). This first course is perfect for fasting. The soup is quite light but very filling due to the beans. It is also healthy because it is made without frying.

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  • Healthy overnight oats

    Healthy overnight oats

    If there’s no time to cook porridge in the morning, you can prepare breakfast from the evening, spending just two minutes. And you won’t even have to approach the stove. Healthy overnight oats turns out very tasty and healthy, so it is suitable even for those who watch their figure. You can change the fillings…

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  • Starinski koh

    Starinski koh

    Fans of sponge cakes and semolina puddings will definitely appreciate the taste of the most delicate dessert called Starinski koh with vanilla milk. The soak makes the sponge moist, juicy, and melting in the mouth. It is served on a saucer with a spoon to one of the favorite drinks — tea, milk, and, of…

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  • Kefir crepes

    Kefir crepes

    Kefir crepes in a frying pan turn out to be very tasty, tender, and rosy. At the same time, they are very thin and do not break, so they are perfect for sweet fillings. If you do not like sweet pancakes or will use them for savory fillings, you should reduce the amount of sugar…

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  • Green onion fritters

    Green onion fritters

    Today we are cooking a delicious seasonal dish made from onion feathers. And not only young thin feathers are suitable, but also the larger ones. We make green onion fritters. A minimum of ingredients, and juicy and fragrant patties that can be served as a separate dish, or as a side dish to meat or…

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