• Baked apple rings

    Baked apple rings

    Baked apple rings in dough in the oven is a very tender pastry that combines juiciness and a crispy crust at the same time. Since it is made from store-bought puff pastry, it takes very little time to prepare. A very aromatic and moderately sweet dessert for tea will appear on the table, which is…

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  • Mushroom pies

    Mushroom pies

    Today we will make mushroom pies from puff pastry. Crispy puff pastry and fragrant mushroom filling. The pies are good both hot and cold.

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  • Puff pastry sausage rolls

    Puff pastry sausage rolls

    Puff pastry sausage rolls are a favorite food for many. But this dish can be made much more interesting and attractive. Today we are preparing sausages in dough on skewers. Everything is easy and simple, and the presentation is unusual. Such a snack is perfect for a children's party or dinner with friends. No one…

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  • Cheese waffles

    Cheese waffles

    Cook waffles dough the night before, and in the morning please your family with fresh, warm pastries. Waffles can be baked without oil, made sweet or savory, with the addition of vegetables, nuts or seeds, fruits or berries. Today we are making cheese waffles in a waffle maker. They are delicious just like that, but…

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  • Vegan chocolate mug cake

    Vegan chocolate mug cake

    A chocolate dessert in the microwave in a cup while your tea is brewing is really possible. A glass, a cup, or any other microwave-safe dish can be used as a mold. Today we cooking vegan chocolate mug cake.

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  • Oatmeal cupcakes

    Oatmeal cupcakes

    Everyone knows how healthy it is to eat oatmeal for breakfast. However, starting every day with oatmeal quickly becomes boring. What to do if you want to eat both correctly and diversely? As an alternative to the traditional morning meal, you can prepare oatmeal cupcakes.

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  • Vanilla muffins

    Vanilla muffins

    Today we are making vanilla muffins in the oven. They turn out soft and tender, and are very quick to make from the most accessible ingredients. Take note of this recipe and be sure to please your family with delicious baked goods for tea!

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  • Cabbage crepes

    Cabbage crepes

    For pancake lovers, today we suggest experimenting and making cabbage crepes. The usual-looking thin pancakes turn out to be quite unusual, with a distinctly expressed taste and aroma of cabbage. They are soft, so they are quite suitable for wrapping. You can put meat or cheese filling inside. But it's also delicious to eat them…

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  • Bird cherry pancakes

    Bird cherry pancakes

    Bird cherry pancakes are an unexpected, but very tasty and fragrant alternative to the usual dessert. Adding ground bird cherry berries to the usual wheat flour gives the dough and its baked goods a very original almond note. And if you complement such pancakes with fragrant lemon cream, the family will ask to prepare them…

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  • Cottage cheese apple pie

    Cottage cheese apple pie

    We offer you a recipe for simply amazing pastries. We bake a сottage cheese apple pie in the oven. It turns out to be very fluffy, tender, and fragrant. Perfect for a family tea party or when guests come! The pie is very simple to prepare and does not require a large number of ingredients.

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  • Fresh rhubarb pie

    Fresh rhubarb pie

    Rhubarb is an underused ingredient in cooking, which is a pity. The stalks have a sour taste and are packed with vitamins. It's very tasty to add the stalks to baked goods. Today we are making fresh rhubarb pie. Crispy sandy crumbs, a tender curd layer, and the sourness of rhubarb with a light aroma…

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  • Black forest cherry cake

    Black forest cherry cake

    Today we have an incredibly delicious black forest cherry cake on the table. The combination of rich chocolate sponge cake, whipped cream, and an abundance of cherries is simply indescribable pleasure.

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