• Chicken vegetable paella

    Chicken vegetable paella

    Paella is a bright and nutritious dish of Spanish cuisine. It's a great option for a family dinner, friendly gatherings, or a celebration. Today we have chicken vegetable paella in a pan with the addition of aromatic spices. Such a dish, cooked at home, will delight all guests and family members.

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  • Baked chicken with rice

    Baked chicken with rice

    Today we will prepare a very tasty and complete dinner for the whole family. On the table is baked chicken with rice. The added vegetables make the rice rich in flavor.

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  • Duck gizzards in a pan

    Duck gizzards in a pan

    Duck gizzards in a pan with onions is a delicious budget meal for the whole family. To make the meat aromatic and tender, the offal must be chilled without wind-dried edges, sticky mucus, and foreign smell. This method can be used to cook not only duck, but also goose and chicken gizzards.

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  • Pike with vegetables in tomato sauce

    Pike with vegetables in tomato sauce

    Pike with vegetables in tomato sauce in a pan – the perfect fish dish for a full dinner. The meat, soaked with vegetables, turns out to be very tender and juicy. Such a dish will not leave indifferent all seafood lovers.

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  • Stuffed peppers in oven

    Stuffed peppers in oven

    Juicy, hearty, and very tasty dish – stuffed peppers in oven. The dish looks so good that it's not a shame to put it on the festive table. At the same time, the cooking process is very simple.

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  • Asian chicken

    Asian chicken

    Fans of Asian cuisine will surely enjoy the light, quick to prepare, and very tasty asian chicken that enlivens the bland taste of lean fillet. The meat gives the dish satiety, vegetables give it freshness and color, and spices guarantee a bright taste.

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  • Italian lentil soup

    Italian lentil soup

    Italian lentil soup is a model of simplicity and sophistication. Fresh vegetables (spinach, celery, tomatoes, onion) combined with aromatic herbs, spices, and the Italians’ favorite cheese ‘Parmesan’ give the soups a unique taste and aroma. And the addition of legumes to the first courses allows you to prepare an Italian lentil soup during fasting that…

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  • Mustard mayo chicken

    Mustard mayo chicken

    Mustard mayo chicken drumsticks in the oven – a tasty and satisfying dish suitable for any occasion. The meat on the bone turns out very tender and juicy. It's not difficult to prepare the drumsticks.

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  • Plum beef

    Plum beef

    Meat and fruit is always interesting and unusual. Today we have plum beef on the table. Tender, aromatic, juicy, with a distinctive taste.

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  • Baked lavash rolls

    Baked lavash rolls

    Today we are cooking a delicious meat dish that is quick to make. On the table, we have baked lavash rolls with minced meat baked in the oven. Using ready-made lavash significantly speeds up the process. And vegetables serve as an excellent side dish.

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  • Pumpkin fritters

    Pumpkin fritters

    Today we are cooking very delicious pumpkin fritters. Instead of eggs, oatmeal is used here as a binding component, which allows the dish to be fasting. The patties are bright, juicy, and aromatic.

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  • Cauliflower fritters

    Cauliflower fritters

    Today we are cooking juicy and fragrant patties. Despite the absence of meat in the composition, they turn out to be very tasty and satisfying. Cauliflower fritters on the table.

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