no bake

  • Blueberry souffle

    Blueberry souffle

    Blueberry souffle without baking is the simplest and at the same time healthy dessert that everyone will like. It is prepared in a matter of minutes, so feel free to indulge yourself with this delicious dish. The main plus is that the souffle is low-calorie, so it is perfect for adherents of proper nutrition and…

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  • Vegan chocolate mug cake

    Vegan chocolate mug cake

    A chocolate dessert in the microwave in a cup while your tea is brewing is really possible. A glass, a cup, or any other microwave-safe dish can be used as a mold. Today we cooking vegan chocolate mug cake.

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  • Banana cheesecake

    Banana cheesecake

    Today we are preparing a tender and light dessert, an airy homemade banana cheesecake. It's convenient that everything can be done quickly and without baking. The base is a crust made from shortbread cookies, topped with a layer of cottage cheese cream with pieces of banana. On a hot day, you can put the dessert…

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  • No bread pizza

    No bread pizza

    Don't know what else to cook during zucchini season? No bread pizza turns out to be very tasty and juicy. Its fragrant filling will definitely not leave anyone indifferent.

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  • Strawberry yogurt cake

    Strawberry yogurt cake

    Today we are preparing an easy no-bake dessert, a strawberry yogurt cake. It has a sandy cookie base, fresh strawberries, and a delicate yogurt jelly. The cake looks impressive when cut and will be a great treat, especially on a hot day. And the hostesses will appreciate the simplicity and speed of preparation.

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  • Chocolate skillet cake

    Chocolate skillet cake

    Today we are cooking a mega chocolate, incredibly delicious cake. A chocolate skillet cake on the table. Its texture is porous and moist, as if it had been soaked for at least a day. It can be eaten right away. Be sure to try it! This pastry will become a frequent guest at your tea…

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  • Red wine poached pears

    Red wine poached pears

    Today we will prepare exquisite dessert for gourmets, there is a pear in wine on the table. Tender soft pear combined with rich wine sauce. This restaurant dish can easily made in an ordinary kitchen from the simplest ingredients.

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  • Matcha Cheesecake

    Matcha Cheesecake

    Today we are making an exquisite dessert – matcha cheesecake. Matcha powder will give it an unusual color and a light herbal taste. The attractive appearance and unusual flavor will not leave anyone indifferent.

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  • No bake marshmallow cheesecake

    No bake marshmallow cheesecake

    You will get a wonderful marshmallow cheesecake with a delicious chocolate base, silky cream and pleasant sourness from cranberries. Marshmallows cannot only be fried on a fire, but also make wonderful desserts. Be sure to try it!

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  • No bake strawberry cheesecake

    No bake strawberry cheesecake

    Today we are preparing a delicious summer dessert with berries without baking. On the table is a strawberry cheesecake. The delicate ricotta filling harmonizes perfectly with the sweet berry. The recipe is suitable for both experienced and novice cooks.

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  • Pears belle helene

    Pears belle helene

    Today we are preparing a dessert – pear with chocolate. A step-by-step recipe will help you repeat the exquisite French dish – Belle-Helene pears. Thanks to spices and impregnation with syrup, pear becomes tender and incredibly fragrant. This recipe is a magic wand for the party.

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  • Banoffee cheesecake

    Banoffee cheesecake

    Banoffee pie is a pie with bananas, caramel and cream. As a basis, shortbread dough is used, which in the version of this dessert without baking can be replaced with cookies. Dessert is served immediately, so it can be a great option when there is no time at all. The pie is hearty, delicious and…

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