pastry dough

  • Mushroom pies

    Mushroom pies

    Today we will make mushroom pies from puff pastry. Crispy puff pastry and fragrant mushroom filling. The pies are good both hot and cold.

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  • Puff pastry sausage rolls

    Puff pastry sausage rolls

    Puff pastry sausage rolls are a favorite food for many. But this dish can be made much more interesting and attractive. Today we are preparing sausages in dough on skewers. Everything is easy and simple, and the presentation is unusual. Such a snack is perfect for a children's party or dinner with friends. No one…

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  • Cheese flatbread

    Cheese flatbread

    If you need to quickly come up with something for breakfast, the recipe for cheese flatbreads will help. We prepare cheese flatbreads on kefir in a pan. They are delicious to serve with soup instead of bread, they are convenient to take with you for a snack.

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  • Chocolate cherry muffins

    Chocolate cherry muffins

    Today for dessert we will bake very soft and fluffy muffins from inexpensive ingredients. For the filling, we will use cherries (frozen or canned berries are suitable off-season). Chocolate cherry muffins prepared according to this recipe will be a wonderful treat for a home tea party or a small family celebration.

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  • Sourdough loaf

    Sourdough loaf

    Today we will learn how to make a sourdough loaf on wheat sourdough. To say that it is tastier than store-bought is an understatement; it turns out just amazing. The loaf is soft, porous, and fragrant.

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  • Garlic butter dinner rolls

    Garlic butter dinner rolls

    Today we are making a garlic butter dinner rolls. The dough turns out soft, fluffy, fragrant, without the specific smell and aftertaste of yeast. We suggest a garlic filling, but you can take absolutely any filling, both savory and sweet, and make the pie using the same principle.

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  • Chocolate fondants

    Chocolate fondants

    Chocolate fondants with liquid filling is a small portioned cake. This warm and truly chocolate dessert is gaining more and more fans every day. It's irresistible, so be sure to treat your significant other to such a romantic dessert. The fondant is prepared in small ramekins or any small cupcake molds.

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  • Sourdough Crepes

    Sourdough Crepes

    Until recently, our ideal were thin milk pancakes, but now the absolute favorite is sourdough crepes. They are soft, tender, fragrant. They are quick to prepare, only half an hour of additional time is needed for the dough to rise.

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  • Rainbow crepes

    Rainbow crepes

    A rainbow crepes on a plate looks impressive and original. If there are children in the family, they will be especially delighted with such unusual pancakes. And to prepare a multicolored dessert, you do not need harmful dyes. All coloring ingredients are not only absolutely natural but also very healthy.

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  • Apple and orange cake

    Apple and orange cake

    The sweet fruity aroma of a sponge apple and orange cake, complemented by a warm note of vanilla, will add coziness to home gatherings. And the decor of dried citrus slices and fresh rowan berries will turn simple baking into a real festive pie.

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  • Semolina apple cake

    Semolina apple cake

    Semolina apple cake in the oven is a simple and very quick pastry that is made without butter, dairy products, and eggs. Despite the modest set of ingredients, this cake turns out to be very tasty. It can be cooked not only on fasting days but also for cozy family tea parties.

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  • Chocolate banana puffs

    Chocolate banana puffs

    Today we share a simple recipe for crispy and incredibly fragrant chocolate banana puffs. When guests are already on the doorstep, and there is nothing for tea, this baking will be a real lifesaver. Both kids and adults will definitely like these pastries!

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