• Chicken shish kabobs

    Chicken shish kabobs

    We prepare chicken shish kabobs in a pan on skewers. To enjoy fragrant and juicy skewers, it is not necessary to go out into nature and light a barbecue. With the right choice of meat, marinade, and cooking method, you can get a result that is as close to the original as possible.

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  • Grilled pork shish kabobs

    Grilled pork shish kabobs

    To prepare delicious grilled pork shish kabobs (shashlik), it is not enough to choose a good piece of meat, the marinade is also important, which can save even not very soft and tender meat. Today we have pork shashlik on the grill. And the marinade will be oriental with soy sauce, vinegar, and sugar. The…

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  • Strawberry roulade

    Strawberry roulade

    Strawberry roulade with cream filling is a very delicate pastry that is very simple to prepare. Fresh berries perfectly complement the cream made from cottage cheese and cream.

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  • Lemon mousse

    Lemon mousse

    This delicate lemon dessert will definitely appeal to both children and adults. Its light and airy texture resembles a cloud. It is quite easy to prepare. Let's make lemon mousse.

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  • Peach strudel with puff pastry

    Peach strudel with puff pastry

    Prepare peach strudel with puff pastry. Crispy dough, soft and incredibly aromatic filling. An exquisite dessert in a hurry.

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  • No bake peach cheesecake

    No bake peach cheesecake

    Today we will make an incredibly tender dessert, a no bake peach cheesecake. The cheesecake is light and very tasty. It is made without baking. If you let the dessert sit in the freezer for an hour before serving, it will resemble an ice cream cake.

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  • Peach galette

    Peach galette

    Today for dessert we will have a very tasty and beautiful peach galette. Crispy dough and juicy aromatic filling. The appearance is simply stunning.

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  • Strawberry tiramisu

    Strawberry tiramisu

    Today we are making a delicious summer variation of the well-known dessert tiramisu. On the table is strawberry tiramisu. The taste is fresh and summery. The dessert is delicate and light. The cream consists only of cottage cheese and cream, but if desired, you can make the traditional version with eggs.

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  • Raspberry mousse

    Raspberry mousse

    You can make a wonderful dessert from fresh or frozen raspberries. Today we will make raspberry mousse. The mousse is delicate, low-calorie, airy, like a cloud.

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  • Blueberry yogurt smoothie

    Blueberry yogurt smoothie

    Today we are making a healthy vitamin drink, a blueberry yogurt smoothie. Oat flakes give it a thick texture and, together with fresh blueberries, enrich it with vitamins. If you use frozen berries, this smoothie will also provide a refreshing coolness.

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  • Strawberry milkshake with ice cream

    Strawberry milkshake with ice cream

    Milkshake is a popular drink made with milk, ice cream, and various fillings, usually in the form of berries and fruits. Today we will make a strawberry milkshake. It turns out to be smooth, fragrant, and very delicious.

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  • Plum galette

    Plum galette

    Today we cooking a delicate plum galette. It's a fruit dessert from the simplest and most affordable products. You can use any seasonal fruits or berries as a filling. It is better to take dense plums for dessert, otherwise after cooking they will turn into plum jam.

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