• Italian lentil soup

    Italian lentil soup

    Italian lentil soup is a model of simplicity and sophistication. Fresh vegetables (spinach, celery, tomatoes, onion) combined with aromatic herbs, spices, and the Italians’ favorite cheese ‘Parmesan’ give the soups a unique taste and aroma. And the addition of legumes to the first courses allows you to prepare an Italian lentil soup during fasting that…

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  • Bulgarian bean soup (Bob chorba)

    Bulgarian bean soup (Bob chorba)

    Monastery-style chorba is a Bulgarian bean soup (bob chorba). This first course is perfect for fasting. The soup is quite light but very filling due to the beans. It is also healthy because it is made without frying.

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  • Healthy fish soup

    Healthy fish soup

    Healthy fish soup is an affordable dietary dish. The salmon you bought can be used to prepare two dishes. You can salt or fry the main part of the fish, and make a dietary dish from the leftovers to the delight of your family.

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  • Watermelon gazpacho

    Watermelon gazpacho

    Everyone has heard of such a popular Spanish dish as gazpacho soup, which is made from pureed tomatoes and cucumbers with the addition of some other vegetables. However, culinary recipes tend to evolve and transform, turning into completely unexpected dishes. One such example is watermelon gazpacho. This watermelon gazpacho soup includes the traditional tomato flavor,…

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  • Russian soup with beetroot and corn

    Russian soup with beetroot and corn

    Russian soup with beetroot and corn can be cooked on different bases. For economy – even on beef or chicken soup set. But it is especially tasty with a large amount of meat on chicken breast.

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  • Okroshka with kefir

    Okroshka with kefir

    In the hot season, cold soups are especially popular. Today we have okroshka with kefir on the table. Tasty, satisfying, refreshing. Prepared on a kefir base, but kvass can also be used. It is good to offer as a separate dish, as well as to complement with hot boiled potatoes.

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  • Chicken cheese soup

    Chicken cheese soup

    Today for lunch is a very simple and delicious soup that will definitely be appreciated by all family members — both children and adults. The highlight of the recipe is the cheese balls. We are preparing chicken cheese soup.

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  • Homemade cream of mushroom soup

    Homemade cream of mushroom soup

    It is really possible to prepare a homemade cream of mushroom soup, just like in a restaurant. The most delicate soup with a rich mushroom aroma will definitely make it into the list of your favorite first courses. The cream soup can also be made on the basis of wild mushrooms, but in this recipe,…

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  • Okroshka with kvas

    Okroshka with kvas

    Today on the table we have a refreshing, cold and fragrant okroshka with kvas. This soup is usually prepared on a hot summer day, as it is served chilled. It is convenient that everything can be done in advance and stored in the refrigerator for 2-3 days, using as needed. Kvas can be either homemade…

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  • Authentic hungarian beef goulash

    Authentic hungarian beef goulash

    Authentic hungarian beef goulash is a national dish originating from Europe. It can be served as both an appetizer and a main course. It will be hearty, rich, and very tasty.

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  • Cream cheese chicken soup

    Cream cheese chicken soup

    Cheese soup with chicken and potatoes will definitely be liked by your child, so feel free to cook this first course for lunch for the whole family. The soup turns out to be fragrant, hearty and very tasty, and the added processed cheese gives it a delicate creamy taste. Such a soup is very simple…

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  • Homemade chicken and rice soup

    Homemade chicken and rice soup

    We offer a recipe for a very simple, but delicious and appetizing first course for the whole family. Today we are cooking homemade chicken and rice soup. It can be cooked both on lean broth and on water, we will cook on chicken broth.

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