• Egg and onion pie

    Egg and onion pie

    Today we are cooking a delicious snack pie. You won't even need an oven. Everything is quick and simple. On the table is a egg and onion pie on sour cream in a frying pan.

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  • Green onion fritters

    Green onion fritters

    Today we are cooking a delicious seasonal dish made from onion feathers. And not only young thin feathers are suitable, but also the larger ones. We make green onion fritters. A minimum of ingredients, and juicy and fragrant patties that can be served as a separate dish, or as a side dish to meat or…

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  • French egg and onion tart

    French egg and onion tart

    French egg and onion tart turns out to be especially tender and tasty. A tart is a French cuisine dish that is a flat cake in the form of an open pie. It can have any filling: cheese, ham, sausages. The galette with egg and onion turns out to be especially tender and tasty.

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  • Easy eggs Benedict

    Easy eggs Benedict

    Easy eggs Benedict is a popular American breakfast of poached eggs, bacon or ham, and Hollandaise sauce served on a bun. The classic way to make Hollandaise sauce is to brew the yolk in a double boiler with the addition of butter and lemon juice. However, this method is suitable for more experienced cooks, as…

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  • Easy poached eggs

    Easy poached eggs

    Easy poached eggs is perfect for those who love a runny yolk and want to diversify their usual fried eggs for breakfast. The classic way of cooking involves boiling the egg without the shell in a funnel of boiling water. However, many people do not succeed on the first try. Therefore, we will show a…

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  • Avocado and boiled egg salad

    Avocado and boiled egg salad

    Have you tried the avocado and boiled egg salad? This light vegetable salad is very easy to prepare. It will satisfy hunger and give a feeling of fullness. And the fact that the salad is also very healthy makes it doubly delicious. Be sure to take note! Poached eggs can be cooked in any way…

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  • Breakfast crepes with eggs

    Breakfast crepes with eggs

    A hearty and delicious dish made from just three main ingredients is exactly what you need for a full breakfast. Tender breakfast crepes with eggs lift your spirits and energize you from the morning.

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  • Cloud eggs

    Cloud eggs

    If you are tired of the usual scrambled eggs for breakfast, we suggest preparing a fluffy alternative – cloud eggs. The whole family will be delighted with such an original version of an egg breakfast. For the whites to beat perfectly, the eggs must be cold.

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  • Homemade french toast

    Homemade french toast

    Tender homemade french toast for breakfast is the perfect start to the day. There are many serving options, so you can cook this dish almost every day. You can eat toast with fresh fruits, berries, or jam. You can top it with honey, melted chocolate, or just sprinkle with powdered sugar. In any case, breakfast…

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  • Shrimp louie salad

    Shrimp louie salad

    The shrimp louie salad has a fresh and bright taste, allowing the dish to serve not only as an excellent appetizer but also as a side dish to any meat. It consists of just a few simple ingredients. However, the uniqueness of the salad is given by the signature Louie dressing, which is a mix…

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  • Cottage Cheese Dumplings

    Cottage Cheese Dumplings

    Today for breakfast we are making cottage cheese dumplings. The dish turns out to be very tender and tasty, so it can be prepared even for those who do not like the taste of cottage cheese. Such appetizing balls will especially please your children. These dumplings can be served with sour cream, butter, or jam.

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  • Imitation crab sticks salad

    Imitation crab sticks salad

    Today we are preparing a imitation crab sticks salad in an unusual shape. We suggest serving the dish in the form of a corn cob for the festive table. Your guests will be delighted with such an idea. Hurry up and take it up for yourself.

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