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  • Pumpkin fritters

    Pumpkin fritters

    Today we are cooking very delicious pumpkin fritters. Instead of eggs, oatmeal is used here as a binding component, which allows the dish to be fasting. The patties are bright, juicy, and aromatic.

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  • Quinoa breakfast porridge

    Quinoa breakfast porridge

    Quinoa came to us from South America, where it was the staple food of the Incas. If not long ago quinoa was known to very few, now this valuable product is very popular all over the world among people who adhere to a healthy diet and vegetarians. Quinoa breakfast porridge on water is rich in…

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  • Mango yogurt

    Mango yogurt

    It is very simple to prepare mango yogurt at home. The main thing is that all the ingredients are fresh. All your efforts will be rewarded with huge benefits for the body, as regular consumption of this "live" fermented milk product increases immunity, normalizes the digestion process, and improves mood. You can use milk of…

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  • Baked pears

    Baked pears

    Baked pears are an exquisite, but very simple dessert. Even a novice cook can handle it. The taste is divine, unique. In the filling, you can use nuts, dried fruits, or even bake pears just like that. So, today there is a pears in the oven with cottage cheese and raisins on the table. It's…

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  • Red wine poached pears

    Red wine poached pears

    Today we will prepare exquisite dessert for gourmets, there is a pear in wine on the table. Tender soft pear combined with rich wine sauce. This restaurant dish can easily made in an ordinary kitchen from the simplest ingredients.

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  • Cold cucumber soup

    Cold cucumber soup

    Cold cucumber soup is a real find for a hot summer day. It is made with natural kefir and does not require cooking. Adding fresh herbs and spices gives the dish aroma and piquancy, and the light sourness is refreshing.

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  • Beef kofta kebab

    Beef kofta kebab

    Today we cook beef kofta kebab from minced meat in a frying pan. No gluing components are added to the minced meat, but the kebabs keep their shape well. How to achieve this, you will learn from the recipe. In fact, everything is very simple.

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  • Potato with butter

    Potato with butter

    There are potato in the sleeve on the table today. Only for 45 minutes turn out soft, fragrant and very tasty side dish. Potatoes can be cooked without peeling, and it brings a unique taste to the dish. A simple dressing of oils and herbs gives the dish a unique taste.

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  • Creme bavarois (Bavarian cream)

    Creme bavarois (Bavarian cream)

    Bavarian cream is a classic European dessert consisting of custard egg mass, gelatin and whipped cream. The dessert is very delicate and airy. And coffee lovers will undoubtedly like the option with this taste.

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  • Strammer max

    Strammer max

    If you decide to visit Germany, then for sure you will be offered pork with egg for breakfast. The dish is nourishing, tasty and beautiful. An interesting presentation in the form of small muffins makes a simple breakfast in composition and preparation unusual and refined. So, if you want to surprise your loved ones, instead…

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  • Peanut butter breakfast

    Peanut butter breakfast

    A peanut butter sandwich is a very popular snack, especially among athletes. This delicacy is to the liking of both children and adults. But few people know that this paste can be made very easily at home. It will take no more than 3-4 minutes. Everything is fast and simple, and most importantly absolutely natural.

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  • Squid with rice noodles

    Squid with rice noodles

    Squid with rice noodles are on the table today. Noodles is well combined with seafood. It takes only 10 minutes to prepare. The dish unites the sharpness of noodles with the delicate taste of squid meat. Asian cuisine lovers will definitely appreciate the recipe.

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