• Breakfast crepes with eggs

    Breakfast crepes with eggs

    A hearty and delicious dish made from just three main ingredients is exactly what you need for a full breakfast. Tender breakfast crepes with eggs lift your spirits and energize you from the morning.

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  • Puff pastry sausage rolls

    Puff pastry sausage rolls

    Puff pastry sausage rolls are a favorite food for many. But this dish can be made much more interesting and attractive. Today we are preparing sausages in dough on skewers. Everything is easy and simple, and the presentation is unusual. Such a snack is perfect for a children's party or dinner with friends. No one…

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  • Chicken souffle

    Chicken souffle

    If your child doesn't like to eat anything meaty, try offering them a сhicken souffle. It turns out tender and very tasty, so it can be liked even by the most finicky. It can be cooked in any small molds, small silicone molds or muffin tins are perfect. The souffle can simply be served with…

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  • Grilled pork shish kabobs

    Grilled pork shish kabobs

    To prepare delicious grilled pork shish kabobs (shashlik), it is not enough to choose a good piece of meat, the marinade is also important, which can save even not very soft and tender meat. Today we have pork shashlik on the grill. And the marinade will be oriental with soy sauce, vinegar, and sugar. The…

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  • Barley porridge with meat

    Barley porridge with meat

    Barley porridge with meat cooked in the oven is delicious, nutritious, and crumbly. The secret to appetizing porridge lies in the preliminary soaking and subsequent rinsing of the grain to get rid of excess starch, which makes the dish sticky and slippery. Try to cook barley porridge with meat in the oven correctly, and it…

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  • Quail Soup

    Quail Soup

    Quail soup is considered dietary and is recommended for strength recovery after illness, for children, and athletes. Homemade noodles cooked in such a broth have an excellent taste. Online, you can find recommendations for preparing a 1.5 — 2-liter pot of soup from 4 quails. In fact, one quail is enough to make a hearty,…

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  • Rassolnik with rice

    Rassolnik with rice

    A fragrant rassolnik with rice with a light sourness is one of the favorite soups for many. This hearty first course will feed the whole family, and the recipe is sure to make the list of the best. Rice is an excellent alternative to pearl barley, it cooks much faster, and the taste of the…

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  • Sandwich with egg and bacon

    Sandwich with egg and bacon

    The taste of hot morning sandwiches will make your mood excellent for the whole day. A sandwich with egg and bacon can be taken to work or packed for a child. This recipe is perfect even for those who are always busy and don't have time to stand at the stove for long.

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  • Lazy dumplings with minced meat

    Lazy dumplings with minced meat

    Today we suggest cooking lazy dumplings with minced meat. But it will not take a lot of time and effort to mold them. We make a lazy version of everyone's favorite homemade dish.

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  • Pizza with sausage recipe

    Pizza with sausage recipe

    Pizza with sausage recipe is a great option for lovers of spicy pizza. The light smoky aroma of the sausages, the combination of two Italian cheeses, and the spicy aftertaste will leave no one indifferent. It is very simple to prepare and does not require special culinary skills.

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  • Ossetian pie with ground beef

    Ossetian pie with ground beef

    Ossetian pie is a pastry made from yeast dough with a variety of fillings. Today we are preparing an Ossetian pie with ground beef in the oven. The dish is hearty and delicious.

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  • Georgian dumplings khinkali

    Georgian dumplings khinkali

    Georgian dumplings khinkali is a famous Georgian dish. It is a dough pouch filled with juicy minced meat and a large amount of aromatic broth. Preparing khinkali requires certain skills from the cook, the most experienced can make about 30 folds. It is by this feature that culinary skill is assessed. The way of eating…

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