• Duck gizzards in a pan

    Duck gizzards in a pan

    Duck gizzards in a pan with onions is a delicious budget meal for the whole family. To make the meat aromatic and tender, the offal must be chilled without wind-dried edges, sticky mucus, and foreign smell. This method can be used to cook not only duck, but also goose and chicken gizzards.

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  • Plum beef

    Plum beef

    Meat and fruit is always interesting and unusual. Today we have plum beef on the table. Tender, aromatic, juicy, with a distinctive taste.

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  • Baked lavash rolls

    Baked lavash rolls

    Today we are cooking a delicious meat dish that is quick to make. On the table, we have baked lavash rolls with minced meat baked in the oven. Using ready-made lavash significantly speeds up the process. And vegetables serve as an excellent side dish.

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  • Homemade beef pastrami

    Homemade beef pastrami

    Homemade beef pastrami is a great option for a homemade snack. Perfect for sandwiches or as a meat platter. The beef turns out juicy, tender, and aromatic.

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  • Rice with sausages

    Rice with sausages

    Today’s dish is from the category of quick and easy. It will be ready in less than a quarter of an hour. On the table is rice with sausages in a pan.

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  • Sausage puff pastry

    Sausage puff pastry

    Today we are preparing a great snack, sausage puff pastry on the table. These cute buttons are so eye-catching. A good option for a children's party. Without much effort, you can quickly make a whole baking sheet of such mini pastries.

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  • English battered sausage

    English battered sausage

    English battered sausage at home are cooked in a large amount of oil, so they cannot be called a dietary dish. But they turn out to be so delicious that once a month you can treat yourself to such original fast food. And the original presentation on sticks makes them similar to American corn dogs,…

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  • Okroshka with kvas

    Okroshka with kvas

    Today on the table we have a refreshing, cold and fragrant okroshka with kvas. This soup is usually prepared on a hot summer day, as it is served chilled. It is convenient that everything can be done in advance and stored in the refrigerator for 2-3 days, using as needed. Kvas can be either homemade…

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  • Fried sausage rolls

    Fried sausage rolls

    To prepare fried sausage rolls, it is not necessary to spend a lot of time and use an oven. They can be quickly cooked on a frying pan. The dough turns out flaky, crispy. It tastes different from baked in the oven. So, on the table are sausages in puff pastry on a frying pan.

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  • Breakfast crepes with eggs

    Breakfast crepes with eggs

    A hearty and delicious dish made from just three main ingredients is exactly what you need for a full breakfast. Tender breakfast crepes with eggs lift your spirits and energize you from the morning.

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  • Puff pastry sausage rolls

    Puff pastry sausage rolls

    Puff pastry sausage rolls are a favorite food for many. But this dish can be made much more interesting and attractive. Today we are preparing sausages in dough on skewers. Everything is easy and simple, and the presentation is unusual. Such a snack is perfect for a children's party or dinner with friends. No one…

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  • Chicken souffle

    Chicken souffle

    If your child doesn't like to eat anything meaty, try offering them a сhicken souffle. It turns out tender and very tasty, so it can be liked even by the most finicky. It can be cooked in any small molds, small silicone molds or muffin tins are perfect. The souffle can simply be served with…

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